Ken Montague: Memorial for a Re-Founding Member of Barnet TUC

The Friends of Ken Montague invite you to a London commemoration meeting to celebrate Ken’s life as a socialist, writer and especially as an active campaigner against climate change.

This will take place on 10th February, from 7-10pm at the Lucas Arms, 245a, Grays inn Road, WC1X 8QY (near Kings X and Hamilton House).

Speakers will include: Jonathan Neale (coordinator of the 1m green jobs pamphlet) from the Campaign against Climate Change,Roger Cox (Brent SWP), Merilyn Moos (Vice-Chair, London Retired UCU branch) and Brendan Montague, Ken’s son,  who will be speaking about preparing and publishing Ken’s book on labour history.

At 8.30, there will be live music, played by Dilshini Sandhu.

There will also be a light buffet from 7pm, but drinks will have to be bought at the bar.

Admission: £10 (with concessions). Any profits from the evening will contribute to the completion  and production of Ken’s book. One of Ken’s last wishes was that the book should stand as his legacy.

Mary Quaile Activist, Agitator and Trades Unionist – Wednesday 18 January 2017

maryquaile-jan14Unlike the Pankhurst’s and Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Quaile’s life reflected the experience of many millions of working-class women at the beginning of the 20th century. Leaving school aged 12, she took up unskilled work as a domestic and cafe worker.

But she grew up at a time of great change for working-class women. Locally and nationally, the Suffragettes were breaking all the rules about how women should live their lives. A burgeoning trade union movement, with activists such as those striking at the Bryant and May Factory, were demanding equality and justice.

Mary Quaile was part of this new trade union movement, which saw a growing number of women refusing to accept low pay and poor conditions. She went on to become a prominent member of organisations such as the Manchester Trades Union Council and the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) and in the 1920’s she was elected to the General Council of the TUC, one of the first women to be elected to the Council.

SERTUC’s Women’s Rights Committee invite you to our meeting to be held on Wednesday 18 January 2017 our guest speaker will be Bernadette Hyland, a frequent contributor to the Morning star and co-author of ‘Dare to be free – women in trade unions’.

The meeting will be held at Congress House at 17:30 hours.

Information about the venue:

Congress House is a full accessible building.
Contact for further information:

Sing your Heart out for our NHS!

sing_heart_outSaturday 25 February 2017, 7 pm to late
Midland Hotel, 29 Station Road,  Hendon, London NW4 4PN

Join Barnet UNISON members and our fantastic Barnet residents in amusical message of solidarity for the NHS.
We can now see what six years of austerity policies has had on the NHS which only recently was described by the Red Cross as a “humanitarian crisis”.
Accident & Emergency Units are being closed down along with many other local hospital services. This time last year junior doctors were taking strike action. Our NHS services are being swallowed up through the privatisation of services and we know what that means, services willbe cut to feed profits.
The next big threat to our NHS is the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) which is consultancy jargon for the wholesale destruction of our NHS.
The NHS needs all of us to stop the destruction of NHS. Download flyer here.
We are calling on Barnet residents to join us at the Midland Hotel, 29 Station Road, Hendon, London NW4 4PN on Saturday 25 February2017 from 7pm to take part in “Sing your Heart out 4 our NHS”,
we will have live performances from Barnet UNISON members and some guest appearances.



Solidarity with London Underground Station Staff!

holt-logoLondon Underground station staff will be taking strike action from 6pm this Sunday to 6pm the following Monday, after talks between the RMT and TSSA unions over the unacceptable conditions that have been left behind after eight years of cuts, closures and neglect by the previous Tory mayor, Boris Johnson.

As the RMT have put it in an excellent leaflet to the public:

  • 838 Job Cuts have left stations without sufficient staff to operate safely and effectively.
  • The tube is reliant on staff working overtime on rest days.
  • An overtime ban by station staff has led to over 80 station closures in just over a month. This proves LU has cut too many jobs.
  • LU is wasting money to cover gaps in the properly trained workforce with hastily briefed managers who get paid three times the normal pay rate of station staff.
  • While mangers get huge payments the starting pay rate for station staff has been cut by 25%.

The crisis on the tube’s stations is a result of the fantastically misnamed ‘Fit for the Future’ project.
Reason, safety considerations, providing a service for passengers and staff welfare have all been ignored by senior management, who have driven through massive staffing cuts across the network. Many stations are now staffed by one person around the clock. This means that as soon as that member of staff is dealing with an issue there is no-one available to help you.  At busier stations staffing has also been cut. Ticket offices were closed but on the vast majority of stations no additional staff are available in ticket halls to help you on self-service machines.

The Only unsubsidised Metro System in the World

If the government, London Mayor and Transport for London get their way London Underground will be the only system of its kind to operate without a government subsidy. Both New York Subway and Paris Metro receive significant government support. London Underground needs to be financed as a public service.

If you can make it to a London Underground picket line on Monday morning, please go and show your support!

342rmtlogo-554 tssa2

John Burgess’ Tribute to Friend of Barnet TUC, Julian Silverman

15697487_10154671137521206_8631789649868738562_n“Our Libraries, Our NHS, Our Schools, Our homes, our Wardens, our streets, our land, our old, our young, our past, our future.”

“Hands off our Barnet”

Today I received sad news that Julian Silverman had passed away on Boxing Day. Julian may not so well known outside Barnet, but he was amongst the activist community here in Barnet. Julian one of the key people who organised and set up Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS).

I was present when Julian came up with the statement above which summed up what we were all about.

It seemed ambitious but back then we had a real energy in our community and no obstacle was too big.

It would be fair to say, Julian was very political and craved political debate over the issues we were fighting. He never missed an opportunity to try to engage with the Tory politicians who were hell bent on outsourcing all of the Council services. He knew he was unlikely to succeed but he did it anyway. I sat in many public council meeting where he took up his right to address council committees. Julian lived a breathed & activism and was always ready to take up a campaign in his community. He was heavily involved in some of the housing campaigns particularly in West Hendon.

I hadn’t known he was unwell until recently and I had been told he was on the mend.

I am glad and proud to have been able to work with Julian.

We need more comrades like Julian, who do more than just talk about activism, they just get on with it.

Rest In Peace comrade

John, member of Barnet Alliance for Public Services.

Best wishes

Trade Union Courses at College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London


As you may be aware, the government has attacked the funding that is available for trade union education, reducing it by 50% this year and then to nothing from August 2017. However, currently we are still able to offer free courses, so there is still an opportunity to take advantage of this. Unfortunately, this may be your last chance.

The leaflet is here: tu-ed-course-flyer-2017

 If you are interested (or know any colleagues who may be interested) in attending any of the courses on offer, then please apply online at or contact the trade union education department at CoNEL on 020 8442 3075 or email at

“The NHS will last as long as there are folk with the faith to fight for it” Nye Bevan, Founder of the NHS

nhs_temp_leaflet_frontIt’s Our NHS

  • No cuts, closures or privatisation
  • End the pay restraint for NHS staff
  • For a fully funded, publicly owned health service

National Demonstration
Saturday 4 March 2017, Central London
Full details soon

Our NHS is in a major crisis and this government is doing nothing to stop it. Some say the NHS only has one winter left in it.

On the backdrop of continued cuts and closures, private companies seek to gain even more of a foothold within the NHS.

Continued pay restraint has seen the value of NHS staff salaries reduce by 14% since 2010 and there are now 25,000 nursing and 3,500 midwifery vacancies in NHS England alone.

The Government’s latest plans for Sustainability and Transformation Plans are, in reality, just a smokescreen for £22bn in cuts and it’s latest instrument of privatisation.

The NHS is the single greatest achievement of working class people in Britain. We cannot allow it to be undermined and ultimately destroyed by a Tory government who’s priority is to put profit in the pockets on the corporations & big business.

Please help us make the demonstration as big as possible. Leaflets, posters and publicity will be available soon from the People’s Assembly office. In the meantime, please share and invite your friends on Facebook, discuss with your union branch, local campaign groups and community organisations about supporting the demonstration & book transport to London.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Climate Refugees, The Climate Crisis & Population Displacement: Building A Trade Union & Civil Society Response

National Conference

Saturday 11th February 2017


NUT Conference Centre Hamilton House, Mabledon Place Euston, London climate

Over 140 million people have been forced to move in recent years because of climate change disasters – droughts, harvest failures and devastating storms. Our warming planet is driving massive long-term environmental damage and sudden catastrophes. The UN says environmental refugees could reach 300million people by mid-century. This conference from the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group aims to dispel refugee myths, work on a new Protocol for the international protection of those affected by climate change, raise demands for stronger action, and agree a climate refugees campaign statement.
Expert Contributions from:

  • Prof Joanna Haigh (Grantham Institute at Imperial College)
  • Asad Rehman (FoE)
  • Clara Paillard (PCS)
  • Amjad Abdulla (Alliance of Small Island States tbc)
  • Dave Green (FBU)
  • Sharan Burrow (ITUC, tbc)
  • Wilf Sullivan (TUC)
  • Zak Cochrane (Stand Up To Racism), NUT, PSI
  • Zita Holbourne (PCS)
  • Jonathan Neale (Global Climate Jobs)
  • Suzanne Jeffery (Campaign Against Climate Change)
  • and more.

Four Workshops on:

  1. Unions and campaigns for climate jobs.
  2. Raising awareness of climate change impacts at national and global level.
  3. Unions and campaign groups challenging xenophobia and hostility to refugees and migrants.
  4. Joint work to draft a new Protocol for the international protection of those affected by climate change.

More information:

Supporters so far: Campaign Against Climate Change, FBU, TSSA, CWU, PCS, NUT, Stand Up to Racism and other unions and environmental campaigns.

Moroccan students appeal for solidarity ahead of march to defend their union


From Middle-East and North Africa Solidarity Network

Moroccan students and trade unionists are calling on activists in the trade unions and student unions in Britain and around the world to support their battle to defend the National Union of Moroccan Students from attack by the government. The Moroccan state is trying to take over the union’s headquarters at the same time as cracking down on student struggles across the country.

Student activists have called a protest march on 26 December, marking the 60th anniversary of the union’s foundation.

What you can do:

Appeal for international solidarity [also in عربي ; français; espagnol]

National Consultative Meeting in order to stop the confiscation of the Central seat of the National Union of Moroccan Students: Follow-up Committee

Subject: Request for action and solidarity from student unions with the Moroccan student movement’s struggle

The Moroccan student movement in universities and academic institutions (the number of Moroccan students is approximately 800,000, 48% of whom are women) is strongly struggling against the neo-liberal policies, austerity, suppression and tuition fees, which prevent thousands of children of the working class from enrolling in universities.

This happens while the Moroccan state carries on its policy of cracking down on students’ struggle and detaining them (dozens of comrades were jailed). Therefore, students feel unable to hold their trade union, cultural, and creative rallies supervised by the National Moroccan Students Union (a guild of students founded on 26 December 1956). The latter has been suppressed and banned since July 1981.

Furthermore, and as part of its plan to ban and restrict the right to unionize and democracy within Moroccan universities, the Moroccan government is about to confiscate the above-mentioned Union’s central headquarter, and alienate it to the Ministry of Youth and Sport. This triggered an overwhelming sense of outrage among students in many Moroccan universities, who denounced this unfair decision designed to restrict their trade union freedom.

In retaliation against this anti-student policy, and upon celebrating the 60th anniversary of the above-mentioned Union, a large number of political activists, including the Moroccan student movement and old militants affiliated to the Union, intend to march nationally en masse (on 25 December 2016 in Rabat) to protest against the state’s decision to confiscate the headquarter, defend the right to free, democratic, secularist and appropriate public education, condemn crackdown on trade union freedom at university and demand the release of jailed students.

Hence, we request you to mediate and seek support from brotherly student movements and unions to:

  • Denounce the Moroccan government’s attempt to confiscate the above-mentioned headquarter and alienate it to one of its government departments, including filing a lawsuit;
  • Back the national march, which will take place on 26 December 2016 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the above-mentioned Union;
  • Provide political and intangible support for the Moroccan students’ battle, including sending statements showing evidence of such support for the struggle against policies of austerity, suppression, and neo-liberalism intended to privatise education;
  • Demand the Moroccan state, through the Ministry of Interior and its security forces, to raise its control and flagrant interference that prevent students from organising their trade union and political activities, and holding their congress supervised by the above-mentioned Union.
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