Reinstate David Muritu (UCU)

David is UCU Branch Secretary, Sandwell College.
He was summarily dismissed for writing the word “racist” on a Prevent poster.

David was a member of our NATFHE branch at Harrow College when I was Branch Secretary.
He’s a committed trade unionist and hard-working Maths lecturer.

He has support from UCU and Angela Rayner (see link below) and please circulate.

Yemen Parliamentary Briefing

Tues 25 June | 17:00
Grimond Room
Portcullis House

The main speaker will be Ahmed Alshami, Executive Director of Arabian Rights Watch Association (ARWA) – an organisation engaged in human rights advocacy and peace building initiatives. He participated with the Sana’a government delegation in the Stockholm peace negotiations and the recent negotiations regarding the economy that took place in Ammon. He is also a member of the Economic Committee set up by the UN Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths.

This will be a very informative event. It is free and open to the public. Please allow time for security checks.

Stop the War AGM: Resisting War in the 21st Century

Sat 07 June | 09:30-17:00
Bloomsbury Baptist Church

235 Shaftesbury Ave
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Join Stop the War along with experts and activists from the anti-war movement to discuss the next steps in our campaigning.

New World Disorder will be a chance for members and delegates to assess the risks of war, have their say on Stop the War’s strategy, and put forward ideas on how to build the movement in the universities, amongst activists and the left and in local communities.  

As the prospect of conflict with Iran mounts, we will discuss how best to resist the drift towards a new war which would bring untold destruction to the Middle East.

The conference will also be a crucial launchpad for protests and a countersummit when NATO comes to London in December. The NATO summit will see western leaders discussing plans for expansion, preparation for a possible new war in the Middle East, potential conflict with China and the new cyber arms race. It will also bring President Trump back onto British soil.

Windrush Justice Parliament Roundtable 13 JUne 2019, 6-9pm

Thursday 13 June 2019, 6-9pm 

Hosted by Diane Abbott MP

Palace of Westminster, St Stephen’s entrance

Ahead of our National Windrush Day of Action in 7 cities, BAME Lawyers for Justice have organised a roundtable event in parliament to discuss how we campaign for justice for the Windrush generation plus their multi generational families and others impacted by the hostile environment.


THURSDAY JUNE 27 19.00 Green Towers Community Centre , Plevna Road,  Edmonton Green, N9 0BU.

Near ASDA store nearest station EDMONTON GREEN a number of buses stop at Edmonton Green 102, 144, 149, 191, 192,  259, 279, 349, 491. W6, W8

SPEAKERS –  Dave Ward General Secretary CWU and Nesil Caliskan Leader of Enfield Council

The borough of Enfield has been without a working Trades Union Council for some years. It is important that this key area of London, facing a whole range of challenges from austerity policies, has a properly functioning fighting Trade Union Council to build on the successful history of previous Councils. A serious core of union activists have been working to do this in 2019.

As the London-wide body for Trades Councils GLATUC is calling together those who can help build ENFIELD TUC.

This meeting will set-up an interim officers group to organise the Trades Council and work towards a formal General Meeting of ENFIELD TUC in the new Year. Trade Union Branches are requested to consider affiliating and electing delegates.

London meeting 20 June: How can the trade unions build a general strike for climate?

How can the trade unions build a general strike for climate?

  • 6.30pm Thursday 20 June in room S312, Paul Webley wing, SOAS Senate House building WC1E 7HX.
  • Facebook event here

The school student strikes have been inspiring and have shifted the debate on climate change. Now students are calling for adults to join them.

A call has gone out for the a general strike for the climate in September. It is crucial that trade unions respond to this call, and that we put working class people at the centre of the movement for climate justice.

This meeting is hosted by the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group and has been called to discuss how unions can mobilise for the general strike for climate in September and for action on climate change. We will be hearing from school strike activists and activists from across the trade union movement. All welcome.

Hosted by the Campaign Against Climate Change trade union group

Activists plan day of action for Louisa Hanoune and political prisoners in Algeria on 20 June

Trade unionists and activists are mobilising for an international day of action on 20 June in solidarity with Louisa Hanoune, General Secretary of the radical left Workers’ Party who was detained by a military court in Algeria on 9 May. Louisa is one of increasing numbers of activists to face detention and jail in recent weeks, as the Algerian regime has attempted to use repression against organisers and supporters of the mass popular protests and strikes which have gripped the country since February this year.

In a statement the organisers of the Free Louisa Hanoune campaign said:

Louisa Hanoune has been known in the world and for years for her stance and her uncompromising fight in defence of democracy, freedoms, women’s rights and always on the side of the people and the oppressed”

Louisa is well-known for her campaigns against the Family Code, which discriminates against Algerian women, treating them essentially as minors, and for equal recognition of the Berber language alongside Arabic. In the leadership of the Workers Party, she has been active for many years supporting striking workers and fighting for social justice.

A statement in solidarity with Louisa has been launched by the international campaign and is gathering support among trade union activists in the UK, with endorsements from leading activists in UCU, the bakers’ union BFAWU, NEU, Unite and PCS.

What you can do:

  • Join the protest at the Algerian embassy in London on 20 June – check the campaign Facebook page for details
  • Sign the statement in solidarity with Louisa here and download a list of some of the initial signatories here Louise Hanoune PDF
  • Use the hashtag #freelouisahanoune on social and media and follow the campaign here
  • Download Louisa’s biography here Louisa Hanoune short biography
  • Pass a resolution in your trade union branch calling for the release of Louisa and all other political prisoners in Algeria


We need to send a clear message to Barnet council that residents are fed up with Capita’s failings and show councillors why Highways service, which is responsible for the maintenance of our streets, needs to be brought in-house without delay. You can play your part by doing the following:

  1. Share the above video widely and repeatedly
  2. Take a photo of your prize pothole.
  3. Upload your photo to Barnet POTY Award Facebook page with the location of the pothole and your name.
  4. You can enter as many times as you wish. Judges’ decision will be final.

The winning pothole will be awarded the BARNET POT HOLE OF THE YEAR AWARD at Hendon Town Hall on the evening of Monday 17 June 2019.

Kick out Capita!

Join the lobby of the P&R committee
Monday 17 June, 6pm
Hendon Town Hall 
Following the scandals of the £2million fraud, a report was commissioned by the council (the Grant Thornton report). This report found that there were  “significant financial control weaknesses…“poor accounting controls”. There are also other scandals such as of the overspend on the Capita contract by £145.9 million and the excessive and expensive use of agency staff. All this leads to continuously deteriorating services and the waste of public money.

John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor said: “The Grant Thornton (GT) review of the two Capita contracts in Barnet provides yet more evidence of the folly of privatisation of public services. When I read “significant financial control weaknesses…“poor accounting controls” in the GT review it summed up what I have been saying about the current Tory government.

External Auditors in May also reported that Capita “don’t have a particularly strong control environment”, the auditor reported, and then stated that Capita were “not minded” to provide assurance over systems running processes on Barnet Council’s behalf.

As a result of all these indictments, Barnet’s P&R committee agreed to review the Capita contract including the option of bringing back services in-house. Despite the failure of the contract with Capita, The report for the P&R committee meeting on 17 June accepts the current relationship with Capita  and accepts that there is no alternative but to carry on with a failing contract. It is Barnet residents, and council staff, that will continue to suffer as a result of the Tories’ illusion that privatisation works.  In Barnet, the evidence of the Capita contract shows that it does not.

For a full analysis of the report to the committee and of the Capita contracts so far, read Mr Reasonable’s latest blog here.

Kick out Capita!
Join the lobby of the P&R committee
Monday 17 June, 6pm, Hendon Town Hall 

The US Just Threatened to Move Against Corbyn: Where Is the Outrage?

Stop the War Vice Chair, Chris Nineham, on Mike Pompeo’s leaked comments about the potential election of Jeremy Corbyn:

“The Secretary of State of the world’s most powerful nation has promised to ‘push back’ against the possibility of the leader of the Labour Party in Britain getting elected. He suggests US agencies will try and intervene to stop that eventuality because “it’s too risky and too important and too hard once it’s already happened”.

We live in a liberal democracy at a time when there are widespread elite fears of foreign interference in politics, particularly by Russia. Cue outrage from the government and across media platforms surely? Err…well no actually. I haven’t found a single record of complaint from the government, the story hasn’t got near the top headlines in the national press, and as I write the BBC website is not featuring the story at all.

This is extraordinary. Trump’s endorsement of Johnson and Farage during his visit was bad enough. But here we have an unambiguous statement by the most powerful foreign policy official in the US administration bar the President suggesting a move against a democratically elected leader in Britain. And it is not big news.”

Read the full article here.

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