CETA Protest Event near Royal Free Hospital Saturday, 15th october 11am

Event at Southend Green, Hampstead, to protest against CETA & TTIP organised by Global Justice Now London Action Network and #noTTIP, with the support of War on Want.
This event is on Saturday, October 15th from 11am until 3pm at Southend Green NW3 2QE, very near to the Royal Free Hospital , Hampstead.
This protest event is happening in conjunction with a number of other demonstrations against CETA taking place on the same day in Paris , Madrid , Barcelona , Sevilla, and elsewhere across Europe .
A list of all the actions happening can be found at: http://stopceta.net/

CETA is a trade deal being negotiated between the EU and Canada which poses a major threat to our democracy, public services and the environment. Like TTIP, CETA could have wide-ranging effects on our lives. If ratified, CETA would:
  • Allow corporations to sue governments in secret offshore courts for making laws to protect their citizens
  • Hand multinationals a greater role in making new regulation and thereby risk sparking a race to the bottom in standards for important areas like food safety and environmental regulation
  • Lock in privatisation of services. CETA includes a ‘rachet’ clause which only allows governments to move in the direction of privatisation
  • Remove protection for key UK products like Cornish pasties or Cumberland sausages
  • Enable companies involved in shale gas extractiont sue the UK government. This could well be the case  if any local authorities were to turn down planning applications for fracking., as has already happened in the iSDS case of Lone Pine vs. Quebec  .
We have chosen to demonstrate near the Royal Free Hospital as we are very worried about the creeping tendency to privatise the NHS. In some parts of the country hospitals are already run by Virgin. CETA will mean that it is not only easier for private companies to bid for NHS services but it will be impossible for governments to stop private companies winning these contracts without suffering legal and financial consequences.
This is because of one of the most insidious parts of CETA called the ICS (investment court system) –
formerly known as the ISDS – a system of parallel justice, where international corporations will be able to sue Governments for any laws they make that effect corporations ability to make profits. These courts are held in secret and there is no right of appeal. CETA will also mean that governments have to allow private corporations to bid on services like the NHS and are therefore not allowed to protect important public services from being taken over by private companies.
If privatised parts of the NHS were to be bought back into public ownership, then the UK Government could be sued under the ICS system for billions of pounds. The same applies for railways, the education system, and any other public services.
We are demonstrating along with people all over Europe . The reason for this wave of demonstrations is that on October 18th the European Commission is meeting in Luxemburg to decide whether to approve CETA or not. If this is approved, then CETA will be signed at the EU-Canada Summit on October 27th
However, there has been no public debate either in the House of Commons or in the UK media on CETA. This is despite the fact that over 3 million Europeans voted against TTIP and CETA in the European Citizens Initiative including of which 500.000 were from the UK .
On September 17th this year the fact that 340,000 in Germany and Austria were on the streets against CETA and TTIP, there was hardly any mention of this in the British media.
In addition there was a public consultation by the European Commission on Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) which was opposed by 97% of respondents.
We feel that this very toxic trade deal is being negotiated in secret without proper public and parliamentary scrutiny. If the public knew the risks that CETA posed to the NHS, democracy and our country they to would be very worried.

“A Library with NO staff what could possibly go wrong?”


“A Library with NO staff what could possibly go wrong?”

Barnet Council announced yesterday that they are to sack 46 % of the Library staff as they use machines to keep Libraries open with no staff. I know from other library campaigners this idea is starting to spread.

This video was made at Edgware Library in Barnet during unstaffed hours to show the risks inherent in the council’s plan to cut trained staff by 47% and increase opening hours, the majority of which will be unstaffed.

During unstaffed hours
• only adults with a library card and special PIN will be able to enter
• children under 15 will be excluded unless accompanied by an adult
•15- and 16-year-olds will be allowed in only with special permission, obtained in advance
• toilets will be locked

Although the scenes were staged – and everyone participating in this video was entitled to enter the library, the children were accompanied by a parent and no one came to any harm – the risks portrayed are very real.


©2016 Save Barnet Libraries



Irish to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street against Mosley’s Fascists


Time: 11.30 am

Date: Sunday 9th October 2016

Place: Altab Ali Park, 40 Adler Street, London E1 1DU

Nearest tube station: Aldgate East

On 9th October, we will be commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. It is important that we have an Irish presence at this event and we will be expecting thousands of other people to attend. The Irish played a pivotal role in smashing the British Union of Fascists at the Battle of Cable Street. Not only were the Irish part of the backbone of at least 100, 000 counter demonstrators but were to outnumber the British Union of Fascists (BUF), 10 to 1. Their leader Oswald Mosley was humiliated and decided not to allow the British Fascist Black Shirts to go ahead with the march as the police could not contain the riots from the counter demonstrators. Oswald Mosley’s popularity in Britain was to sink enormously! Not even the Fascist sympathiser, King Edward VIII, could save Mosley, and we, still, question the real reason for this monarch’s abdication in the same year! It is a victorious event that the Irish in Britain should never forget!

Everyone will assemble at Altab Ali Park, London E1 at 12 noon on Sunday 9th October. Probably, we may organise an early assemble for the Irish presence. We, then, march to the Cable Street in St. George’s Gardens for a rally with speakers and stalls. Further details will follow and we could look into the possibility of organising a late afternoon event in the Cock Tavern Pub in Euston.

There is every reason to have a proper Irish presence for the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street as it is 100 years since the 1916 Easter Rising!

For further information, please contact

Austin Harney,

Joint Secretary of the South East Trade Union Race Relations Committee,


Tories Out – Austerity Has Failed


At Teresa May’s first Tory Party Conference as Prime Minister the People’s Assembly with the support of the TUC will be holding a mass demonstration to say we demand an alternative to ‘Austerity Britain’.

We will demand investment in public services, in infrastructure, and in decent jobs for all. An end to scapegoating of migrants which divides our communities and whips up racism. Join us and help make sure the demonstration is as big as possible. Transport is being arranged for Barnet:

Dep: 8:50 London Euston so be at station for 8:15a.m

Dep: 16:50 Birmingham New Street to arrive London Euston 18:18

A small number have been pre-bought: please get email Helen.Davies@barnetunison.org.uk if you would like to buy one.


Please circulate info,

Protect Jobs, Defend Living Standards – Trades Union Councils’ Programme of Work for 2016/7


The theme for the Trades Union Councils Programme of Work for 2016 to 2017 is ‘Protect Jobs, Defend Living Standards’. It sets out a positive vision of trade unions as we know them to be: a democratic force for fairness in the modern workplace. It highlights the role that trades union councils play in developing and promoting trades unions and in campaigning on the core values of the TUC and the union movement.

The key areas of campaigning for the year are:

  1. protecting workers’ rights to strike, promoting trade unionism and building union organisation;
  2. setting out the case for a high investment, high productivity economy with great jobs and skills at its heart;
  3. making devolution and decentralisation work for people;
  4. reaching out to young workers;
  5. support and campaigning for the Welfare Charter
  6. fighting racism and fascism

This programme of work has developed by the TUCJCC to ensure that trades union councils can identify their part in TUC campaigns and help implement the resolutions passed at the 2016 trades union councils conference.

Read the programme in full.

Unions Lead Protests Against Rip-Off Train Fares


Rail fares have risen twice as fast as wages since 2010, according to TUC research. Rail workers lead public protests at stations round the country.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

“Our rail fares are already the highest in Europe and today’s increases will only make that record worse. It’s time that ministers gave rail passengers a break and actually froze fares in real terms.

“Fares on the most popular routes have jumped by more than 245% since rail was privatised 20 years ago. Running a publicly owned railway would end this annual mugging of passengers and give us a network run in the interests of passengers and staff.”

Workplace 2020: An Exciting Initiative from Labour

Since the Labour Party was founded by trade unions over a century ago, the world of work has radically changed. The UK is one of the most unequal modern economies: low pay is widespread with six million workers earning less than the UK living wage.

We want to ensure that no one is left behind and that rewards are shared more evenly. That’s why we’re launching our biggest ever discussion on the workplace – so we know what the world of work should look like in 2020.

So whether you’re an employer, an employee, or both: we need to hear from you.

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