What is Barnet Trades Union Council (Barnet TUC)?

A group of people in the borough of Barnet who support trade unions and want to defend and improve public services. Part of the structure of the national Trades Union Congress (TUC), our constitution includes the aim:

“To improve generally the economic and social conditions of working people, including seeking improvements to the social services, public education, housing and health.”

Our activities include sharing news and ideas about trade union issues and discussing wider questions such as social justice and opposition to racism and other forms of discrimination.

One comment

  • Hi , there will be a short protest outside the main entrance of Edgware Community Hospital on Thursday the 18 th of Feb at 2.00 pm until 3.00p.m. The protest is to raise awareness about low paid cleaners working for ISS at the hospital, and to build for future industrial action. 07773061798. Can the Trades Council support the protest on Thursday and bring a banner?