John Burgess’ Tribute to Friend of Barnet TUC, Julian Silverman

15697487_10154671137521206_8631789649868738562_n“Our Libraries, Our NHS, Our Schools, Our homes, our Wardens, our streets, our land, our old, our young, our past, our future.”

“Hands off our Barnet”

Today I received sad news that Julian Silverman had passed away on Boxing Day. Julian may not so well known outside Barnet, but he was amongst the activist community here in Barnet. Julian one of the key people who organised and set up Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS).

I was present when Julian came up with the statement above which summed up what we were all about.

It seemed ambitious but back then we had a real energy in our community and no obstacle was too big.

It would be fair to say, Julian was very political and craved political debate over the issues we were fighting. He never missed an opportunity to try to engage with the Tory politicians who were hell bent on outsourcing all of the Council services. He knew he was unlikely to succeed but he did it anyway. I sat in many public council meeting where he took up his right to address council committees. Julian lived a breathed & activism and was always ready to take up a campaign in his community. He was heavily involved in some of the housing campaigns particularly in West Hendon.

I hadn’t known he was unwell until recently and I had been told he was on the mend.

I am glad and proud to have been able to work with Julian.

We need more comrades like Julian, who do more than just talk about activism, they just get on with it.

Rest In Peace comrade

John, member of Barnet Alliance for Public Services.

Best wishes