“A Library with NO staff what could possibly go wrong?”


“A Library with NO staff what could possibly go wrong?”

Barnet Council announced yesterday that they are to sack 46 % of the Library staff as they use machines to keep Libraries open with no staff. I know from other library campaigners this idea is starting to spread.

This video was made at Edgware Library in Barnet during unstaffed hours to show the risks inherent in the council’s plan to cut trained staff by 47% and increase opening hours, the majority of which will be unstaffed.

During unstaffed hours
• only adults with a library card and special PIN will be able to enter
• children under 15 will be excluded unless accompanied by an adult
•15- and 16-year-olds will be allowed in only with special permission, obtained in advance
• toilets will be locked

Although the scenes were staged – and everyone participating in this video was entitled to enter the library, the children were accompanied by a parent and no one came to any harm – the risks portrayed are very real.


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