Belly Mujinga – TSSA demands for staff safety

Following the death of railway worker Belly Mujinga who was employed by Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) the TSSA union has spoken to members and reps at Victoria Station and across the company. Many are fearful for their safety.

TSSA is speaking to the company this morning (Thursday). In mourning the loss of Belly Mujinga and other frontline workers, TSSA makes the following demands to ensure greater protection of our members:

1. Feedback and concerns from staff must be taken seriously and risk assessments must not be signed off until health and safety reps, having had sufficient time to share with colleagues, are satisfied measures have been put in place to mitigate against the risks as much as is reasonable.
2. To keep staff working in the ticket office with social distancing measures and not expose members to further risk by insisting they work on the concourse.
3. Staff must at all times be kept at least two metres apart from each other and/or passengers. If this is not possible, for example when working in a crowded concourse, appropriate protection such as visors must be provided.
4. Staff must not be asked to clean Ticket Machines without protective equipment and certified cleaning products.
5. All those with underlying medical conditions to be stood down immediately.
6. Health surveillance procedures to be put in place to identify sick, asymptomatic and vulnerable workers previously unknown.
7. An investigation in to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BME frontline workers/workers of colour.
8. A full investigation into any assault of the staff, co-operating with any criminal investigation and a full internal investigation into the way this was handled by management.