March Against Racism, Sat 21 March

Updated materials,  local rallies, and transport… 

UN Anti Racism Day demonstrations Sat 21 March, in London (with Cymru bloc) & Glasgow 

LONDON – Flyer here & poster here

This week millions have been shocked by the horrific treatment of refugees at the Greek border, where people fleeing for their lives have faced attacks by police, the army and the far right. The vicious attacks on refugees, with footage of shots being fired at dingies with desperate people fighting for their lives, including children, come in the wake of a revolt against the building of huge prison camps for refugees in Lesvos and Chios. 

The severity of the refugee crisis, and the racist response, underlines sharply the need for international anti racist solidarity and resistance.

We are now less than three weeks away from the major demonstrations on Saturday 21 March, part of the #WorldAgainstRacism international coordination that will see demonstrations in London & Glasgow, and all across the world for UN Anti Racism Day.