Agenda for Monthly Meeting on 9th of January 2020, 7pm at Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, Finchley

07:00 PM 1 Attendance and apologies
07:30 PM 2 Attendance and apologies
07:35 PM 3 Review minutes of October meeting
07:40 PM 4 Matters Arising from the Minutes
07:30 PM 5 Forthcoming events, including Ken Loach film
07:45 PM 6 Industrial reports
08:20 PM 7 Time tabled motion
08:30 PM 8 Meeting Ends

MOTION: Barnet TUC agrees with the Unite policy that clean, free, accessible public toilets are essential for a civilised society, and urges all those with influence to seek to ensure that this principle is included in the Labour Party Manifesto.

We welcome the publication of the Royal Society for Public Health’s report “Taking the P***: the Decline of the Great British Public Toilet’ well summarised in a Guardian article by Owen Jones ‘No-one should have to pay to go for a pee. Time for a toilet fightback’.

We deplore the closures of public toilets and creeping privatisation that have placed a discriminatory  health and financial burden on women, children, disabled and older people.

We note that public transport, delivery and other workers, tourists, and patients suffering from chronic and acute illnesses and many other medical conditions often treated with diuretics, put more pressure on diminishing public toilet provision. The growing blight of homelessness also requires adequate public provision of toilets.

We call for a statutory obligation to be placed on local authorities to provide public toilets at an agreed level and for ring-fenced central government funding to be provided by a Labour government.