People’s Assembly Post Election Statement

The election result has made one thing clear: the task of rebuilding the anti-austerity movement, as part of the wider project of reconstructing the labour movement, now lies before us.

The Tory government will immediately set about privatising the NHS…and it will be into the pockets of private firms that any new funding goes. They are threatening to make strikes by rail workers and others in essential services illegal. And their policies will continue to find an echo among desperate, disenfranchised working people unless the labour movement finds a way of rebuilding its roots in these communities. 

There is now a direct contest for the long term loyalty of at least some workers. Boris Johnson’s claim to want to speak at the Durham Miners Gala shows the kind of bravado that the Tories now feel is possible.

We have to be the first line of resistance. We have to ensure that no Tory proposal goes unchallenged, no community goes unrepresented, no struggle is left to fight alone.

The People’s Assembly will be redoubling our campaigning efforts. We have been at the forefront of the fight against austerity. We helped change the national conversation about what an acceptable economic system should look like. Now new struggles are ahead. Support us and work with us.

We hope you all take some time to rest over the Christmas period and come back stronger than ever in the New Year

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