Trump, the Palace & the Right to Protest

It is exactly two weeks until Donald Trump descends on Buckingham Palace in the middle of one of the most important General Elections in British history. It’s an unprecedented moment and one our movement must capitalise on.

The Metropolitan Police are trying to the restrict the route for the demonstration organised by a wide coalition of campaign groups who are planning to protest outside Buckingham Palace during a reception for NATO leaders on December 3rd. We must be allowed to make a stand outside Buckingham Palace for everything Trump can’t stand – peace, human rights, climate justice, equality, tolerance & diversity.

Join the protest:

As the de facto leader of NATO, the largest military alliance on earth, Trump will be pushing his fellow NATO heads of state to increase military spending whilst reasserting US priorities for the organisation. Over the past couple of decades NATO has been central to the so-called War on Terror, particularly in Afghanistan and the bombardment of Libya.

Trump’s seemingly critical attitude towards NATO is designed to pass the burden of funding for the alliance onto European nations in order to strengthen its power, not lessen it. Any notion that Trump wants to pull out of NATO is absurd. NATO is a crucial arm of violent US foreign policy power and must be opposed.