With hate crime and far-right terrorism continuing to rise, the stakes of keeping racism out of forthcoming General Election are incredibly high.

Prime minister Boris Johnson’s outrageous “bank robbers” and “letterbox” comments about women who choose to wear the niqab were followed by a 375 per cent increase in Islamophobic attacks in the following week. Nigel Farage’s “breaking point” poster during the EU referendum was reported to the police as a “blatant attempt to incite racial hatred”

As a general election approaches and Johnson competes for votes with Nigel Farage, we can expect this rhetoric to worsen. Meanwhile, the far-right UKIP will be targeting seats in their remaining strongholds by pursuing an even more extreme agenda.

To combat this, we have to mobilise the anti-racist majority and make sure racism can’t be used for electoral gain.

The first urgent step is a massive voter registration drive to make sure anti-racists are registered to vote. And when campaigning officially starts, we’ll be working with groups across the country to encourage candidates to sign up to a pledge to keep racism out of the election, and condemn any candidates or parties trying to use racism to win votes.

We can only do this with your support. Every penny you donate will go towards:

  • Leafleting as many areas as possible in the General Election to encourage people to #VoteAgainstRacism
  • Adverts in local press, to mobilise the anti-racist vote
  • A social media campaign condemning any candidates who try to use racism to win votes
  • Travel expenses for volunteers to campaign across the country

As well as donating, please make sure everyone you know is registered to vote!

You can register to vote at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

If you’re not sure if you’re registered, find out at https://www.gov.uk/get-on-electoral-register