WAR ON WANT: McDonald’s workers are striking, 12 November!

McDonald’s workers are going on strike again! Join a group organising call with workers and Owen Jones to plan action in solidarity.

In the largest strike yet, workers from six stores in south London have been balloted and will take on their multinational employer in a strike on 12 November, as part of a global day of action for fast food rights.

The workers I’ve met are both nervous and excited. They’ve come together into a union to win the respect they deserve. Will you take action to show your solidarity?

Together with the TUC, we’ve organised a group call with War on Want patron Owen Jones, where the McDonald’s workers will share their plan to win and together we can build the biggest ever show of solidarity with fast food workers.


These brave workers are taking on the second largest private employer in the world to demand basic things that every worker should have: a wage they can live on, secure hours and a union so their employer has to listen to their concerns.

Workers have told me how the demonstrations of support from War on Want supporters like during previous McStrikes meant that when they walked back into their stores, they could hold their head up high.

Lewis, a McDonald’s worker in Crayford store told me that McDonald’s was telling the workers that the public wouldn’t support them, that they would be on their own. He said:

“Every message of support builds our confidence as we stand up to this bullying company and demand a fair wage and respect on the job.”

So let’s make this not only the biggest McStrike yet with the number of stores going on strike, but also the biggest show of solidarity with McDonald’s workers ever.


On 12 November, trade unions all around the world will be taking action to demand respect for fast food workers. McDonald’s is global, but so is our movement. Sign up now, join the call and let’s organise to win respect for McDonald’s and fast food workers all around the world.

When we win for McDonald’s workers, we win for everyone. That’s the meaning of solidarity.

Owen Espley
Labour rights campaigner
War on Want