Statement signed by Diane Abbott and others launches major campaign to defend EU migrants

Stand Up To Racism has launched a statement for a major campaign to defend EU migrants rights in the wake of a racist attack by Boris Johnson’s cabinet, signed by Diane Abbott, Alf Dubs, several trade union leaders, MPs, MEPs, local politicians, faith group leaders and anti racist activists
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to use in workplaces, colleges and communities

This week we’ve witnessed a spectacular pace of events unfold, with Boris Johnson proroguing parliament, losing a vote against him over his plans for a Tory No Deal Brexit, and expelling 21 Tory MPs for defying the whip and voting with the opposition.

For all who are horrified to see this hard racist in Number 10—who is following in the footsteps of Trump and deliberately launching a vicious intensification of the ‘hostile environment’ and racism—it has been uplifting to see tens of thousands taking to the streets to get him out of office and to oppose the Tories. Stand Up To Racism has joined demonstrations, such as the People’s Assembly protests at parliament and around the country, outside Downing Street as Johnson made his announcement last Wednesday, and at the Home Office last night to challenge his shocking attack on over three million EU migrants living in Britain.

We say, whether you voted Leave or Remain, it is urgent that we unite to oppose all racist division, Islamophobia and Antisemitism, challenge the ‘hostile environment for migrants and refugees, and build a mass campaign to defend EU migrants whose rights are under attack by Johnson’s Tory cabinet. 

It is clear that Boris Johnson is using his office as prime minister to go on the offensive in intensifying the ‘hostile environment’ and is also pushing a level of racism from the heart of the establishment that aims to turn the clock back, normalising racist rhetoric.

That’s why Stand Up To Racism has launched this statement, signed by Diane Abbott, Alf Dubs, several union general secretaries, MPs and MEPs, faith groups and anti racist campaigners, to defend EU migrants’ rights. 

In every local area, in union branches, colleges and communities, Stand Up To Racism groups and activists should use the petition version of the statement, and the online version, to garner widespread support for its demands.

Stand Up To Racism is also calling a national day of action to defend EU migrants on Wednesday 2 October. We encourage local groups, affiliated unions and supporters to take round the statement in their workplaces, colleges and communities, take selfies showing support, and protests in town centres on the day as well as take part in social media promoting the day of action. We want everyone to use the statement and upload the signatures from their campaigning via the online petition too.

Stand Up To Racism is encouraging it’s local groups to call public meetings in localities over the campaign to defend EU migrants. See template for artwork for public meetings HERE

On 29 September (if the Tory party conference is still going ahead that is!), Stand Up To Racism is encouraging everyone to join the People’s Assembly demonstration in Manchester. We will be marching as a bloc to End the hostile environment and defend EU migrants.

The theme of defending EU migrants and more generally challenging the hostile environment will be the focus of the Stand Up To Racism and Love Music Hate Racism gig and fringe at this year’s TUC Congress. The event is on Sunday, 8 September, at The Arch in Brighton. See full details HERE

To discuss any issues around the campaign, or what you are planning locally or in your union branch or college, contact us as the office at