Stand Up To Racism Barnet LAUNCH STATEMENT

There is no doubt that the far right is manipulating current political issues to further an agenda of division and hatred. We are seeing a well-documented rise in populism and xenophobic versions of nationalism.

Empowered by Donald Trump, far right parties have made electoral gains throughout Europe and beyond. There has been a worrying rise in racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and anti-migrant hostility both abroad and within the U.K, where there has been a serious attempt by fascist “Tommy Robinson” and other far right figures to build racist street movements.

In London there has been a big rise in racist attacks and abuse. Specifically in Barnet, the number of Racist and Religious Hate Crimes reported in 2018/2019 Q2 has increased for the second consecutive quarter and is up from 667 last year to 711 this year.

Given the strong tradition of anti-racism here in Barnet we believe that we need to come together to marginalise the racists and those who would divide us. We pledge to stand with our diverse community in Barnet against racism, discrimination and injustice.