THURSDAY JUNE 27 19.00 Green Towers Community Centre , Plevna Road,  Edmonton Green, N9 0BU.

Near ASDA store nearest station EDMONTON GREEN a number of buses stop at Edmonton Green 102, 144, 149, 191, 192,  259, 279, 349, 491. W6, W8

SPEAKERS –  Dave Ward General Secretary CWU and Nesil Caliskan Leader of Enfield Council

The borough of Enfield has been without a working Trades Union Council for some years. It is important that this key area of London, facing a whole range of challenges from austerity policies, has a properly functioning fighting Trade Union Council to build on the successful history of previous Councils. A serious core of union activists have been working to do this in 2019.

As the London-wide body for Trades Councils GLATUC is calling together those who can help build ENFIELD TUC.

This meeting will set-up an interim officers group to organise the Trades Council and work towards a formal General Meeting of ENFIELD TUC in the new Year. Trade Union Branches are requested to consider affiliating and electing delegates.