Irish History Month – Centenary of the Limerick Soviet and its aftermath

At 6 pm on Thursday, 30th May, we will be hosting our third Irish History Month in TUC Congress House. The event is taking place in Room Invision 1. It would be ideal to arrive at 5.30 pm in order to ensure that we can start, promptly. This year will be the Centenary of the Limerick Soviet and the War of Irish Independence of which many Irish migrant labourers in Britain supported. The Limerick Soviet was when Limerick Trades Union Council, in the enclosed photograph, established a Soviet (Workers Council) in order to administer the Strike against the imposition of British Tanks and soldiers in Limerick City! These topics will be covered by two of the guest speakers. We have a woman guest speaker who will provide us on her practical experience of “The Troubles.”

I enclose the guest speakers as follows:
(1) Alan Heaney: “A child of the Troubles.”
(2) Austin Harney: “The Limerick Soviet and its aftermath.”
(3) Geoff Bell: “British Labour and the War of Irish Independence.”

Please register: 020 7467 1220 /
This event is hosted by the TUC LESE Race Relations Committee