TSSA rally at City Hall (London) on Thursday

The Tories are punishing Londoners for voting in a Labour Mayor

In December 2018 TfL Commissioner, Mike Brown, published a new business plan,
which includes a further 30% of cuts by 2022.

The ‘back and middle office’ areas of TfL that are slated for further cuts include
Engineering, Major Projects, maintenance, Health, Safety & Environment, Strategy
& Planning, and the Finance & Commercial departments.

Although these may not technically be cuts to frontline services, we are extremely
concerned that these cuts will reduce TfL’s ability to deliver a safe, reliable transport
service. There will be a major impact on Londoners’ daily experience of transport,
whether on the Tube, Overground, DLR, buses, tram, walking, cycling or driving.

These cuts will also have particular impacts on poorer passengers,
disabled people, women, BAME and younger / older Londoners.
The many are paying the price of the failures of the few.