Free the #stanstead15

Last Monday the #Stansted15 were found guilty of a terror-related offence after they peacefully prevented a secretive deportation flight from leaving last March.
These activists are an incredible inspiration to millions of people who are enraged and horrified at the injustice of how refugees are forced to suffer at the hands of Fortress Europe and the British government’s ‘hostile environment’ that regularly sees parents stripped from their children, lives put in extreme danger as deportation flights take off to deport people, and the horror of life for those in detention centres.
The #Stanstead15 now face an uncertain future, and the implications of the use of anti-terror legislation in this case poses a threat to the civil liberties and right to protest of us all.
This sentence is intended to smash the anti-racist movement’s resistance to this government’s racist policies. The #Stanstead15 need the full solidarity of our mass, broad movement – we all must get behind them now to send the message loud and clear that refugees are welcome here, and that the charges against the #Stanstead15 heroes must be dropped.
2. Write a letter in support of the #Stanstead15 to CPS, for the attention of Judith Reed, the deputy chief crown prosecutor for East of England. Send the letter by emails to, or post to:East Of England Complex Case Unit, CPS, County House, 100 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0RG.
Suggested points that are useful to include
1. This was a politically motivated prosecution.
2. The charge was inexplicably changed from aggrivated trespass to endangering safety four months after the action.
3. The defendents must receive lenient sentences pending their appeal of the conviction. Emma, one of the activists, who is about to give birth must receive an absolute discharge. There must be no jail sentences for any of the defendents.
4. There should be a public inquiry into how peaceful activists came to be charged with a terror-related offence. We must receive confirmation that non violent direct action is not, and could not ever be, a terror related offence.
4. Is your local SUTR group organising/ involved with a local solidarity protest? Many are taking place already.
5. Take a ‘solidarity selfie’ with a message of support and share on social media with #Stanstead15. You can do this yourself, with work colleagues, in your union branch, college, community, with friends, family etc. You can email any messages of solidarity or ‘solidarity selfies’ to and we can pass on the the #Stanstead15 or share for you.
6. Can your local Stand Up To Racism group invite a speaker from #Stanstead15 to your next meeting/ rally/ protest?