Stop the War’s Annual General Meeting – 8th September

Our Annual General Meeting will take place this year on September 8th in London. It will look at the belligerent policies of the Trump administration, including the development of a new US “national security” strategy and of the new Nuclear Posture Review, which open the possibility of using nuclear weapons in conflicts with non-nuclear countries, and of deploying “smaller” and more precisely targeted “tactical nuclear weapons”. The conference will also look at Britain’s continuing wars.

Stop the War’s AGM is part of the regular democratic process of the Stop the War Coalition and is the place where we decide policy and elect our steering committee for the coming year. It is also a great place to meet fellow campaigners and exchange ideas and practice.


The conference is open to all paid up members of Stop the War, who have voting rights. Stop the War’s local groups can send up to 4 delegates each, and affiliated organisations 2 delegates. All have full voting and speaking rights.¬†Groups and affiliates can propose one resolution each. The date for the new members to join and attend the conference is 25th August 2018. Join now so you can attend the conference.

We need to strengthen anti-war voices and to organise against what our government is doing. Please book your places now.