Draft Agenda for Monthly Meeting on 12th of July 2018

Agenda for Monthly Meeting on 12th of July 2018

7pm at Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, Finchley

07:00 PM


Attendance and apologies

07:05 PM


Review minutes of previous meeting

07:10 PM


Matters Arising from the Minutes

07:15 PM


Solidarity with the Bin Workers

07:45 PM



08:00 PM



08:20 PM


Any Other Business and Delegates Motions

08:30 PM


Meeting Ends

Please submit other business to the secretary before 5pm on the 11th.

Proposed motion: Climate change motion to Barnet TUC

TUC London East and South East region notes – that the south east is suffering from the effects of climate change. More frequent flooding in the Thames Valley, rising sea levels threatening the Thames barrier and coastal erosion on the east coast, as well as the negative health effects of particulate pollution in urban and industrial areas. It also notes the historic climate motion passed unanimously at TUC’s 2017 Congress calling for energy democracy, a just transition to a sustainable future which protects current fossil fuel workers, insulation of homes, meeting carbon reduction targets, divestment of pension funds from fossil fuels, reduction of transport emissions and rights for environmental workplace reps.

TUC London East and South East region agrees that it is essential that Trade Unions engage members on these issues, to look at positive alternatives for future employment, and to campaign for one million new public sector jobs. At a time when fossil fuel jobs are in decline at and at risk through automation, we need a 21st century infrastructure plan to actively cut carbon emissions and create sustainable employment . This would include housing retrofitting, renewable energy, public transport, training, sustainable agriculture, and at the same time give a boost to UK steel production.

Therefore TUC London East and South East region resolves to:

a) Create a detailed plan and campaign for the climate jobs needed in the region

b)Affiliate to the CACC and participate in the TU group

c)Create a SERTUC Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition sub-group


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Proposed motion: Heathrow

This conference recognises that there is significant popular and trade union opposition to the proposed expansion of Heathrow airport. We note that there remain significant doubts about the impacts of this development on noise levels and air quality in London and beyond, and on Britain’s commitments to reduce emissions of climate changing gases.

The main beneficiary will be (overseas-owned) Heathrow Airport Holdings, consolidating Heathrow’s dominant place among UK airports and damaging economic growth in Britain’s regions. The disbenefits of the airport expansion will fall disproportionately on poorer communities, particularly those in social housing, but with 70% of flights taken by 15% of the population, the expansion will be for the benefit of the few not the many. The plans for the third runway would substantially increase the number of schools currently affected by noise over the WHO recommended limits which we know will impact on health and learning.

While SERTUC is committed to protecting jobs and to sustainable future employment, we believe the claims about jobs are highly questionable and there are more effective opportunities to invest in growth that would have more equitable benefits and avoid catastrophic environmental effects.

The trade union movement should demand that the Labour Party adopts an alternative transport policy, developed in conjunction with the trade unions, that seeks to reduce demand for first and business class air travel by introducing a significant tax on this luxury air travel, making better use of existing airport capacity at London and regional airports and maintains a well-resourced and affordable rail network. The policy would promote alternative and more sustainable modes of transport to replace domestic and short-haul European luxury flying. We should also encourage and support research into green technologies including more fuel efficient and quieter aeroplanes and require airlines to adopt this technology, when it becomes available. Finally, if any workers loose their jobs as a consequence of these measures, then they should be given appropriate retraining and given some sort of priority, when applying for more environmentally friendly jobs.

This would be part of the creation of a million climate jobs in a just transition to a low carbon economy that will facilitate a more sustainable use of resources, protect the environment and delivers sustainable, high quality and highly skilled jobs.

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Motion: London Renters’ Union

London’s three million renters pay the highest rents in Europe, and often get nothing but second rate housing and dangerous conditions in return. As renters, we never know when we may be forced to move, and we face the prospect for renting for our entire lives, raising families and growing old without a secure place to call home.

Absurdly, we enjoy better consumer rights when buying a fridge than when renting a home. Tenancies may be as short as six months, and landlords can end a tenancy or raise the rent at a moment’s notice. Rented homes aren’t even legally required to be fit for human habitation.

This is all the result of policy choices that promote property as an investment over people’s need for homes. Our housing system is actively helping a few to get rich while many others lose out. On average London’s renters spend half their income on rent. This pushes people on low incomes and in precarious work further into poverty while landlords, property firms and investors rake in profits.

Across the capital, we see homelessness on the rise and people being forced to leave the area where they live. Migrant communities face particularly acute problems finding housing, alongside those on housing benefits who too often face unfair discrimination.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Across Europe, renters have won protection from eviction, long term tenancies and rent caps. We can do the same here.

Renters are more than a convenient source of income for property investors – we’re people who need homes in which we can live and thrive. That’s why we back the London Renters Union, a new fighting union that aims to reboot the housing system in favour of renters. By standing and organising together, renters can win better conditions and affordable rents and ensure that everyone has a decent, secure place to call home.

This trades councils votes to affiliate to the London Renters Union and to take this motion to the Greater London Assembly of Trade Unions.

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