CHANGE IS COMING… How Can We Achieve An Anti-Austerity Government?

National People’s Assembly
10:30am – 6pm, Saturday 2 June, St Pancras New Church, Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BA

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Sessions include:

  • How much nationalisation do we need & should we compensate corporations?
  • Could councils fight austerity?
  • Is our NHS fit for purpose?
  • What would a national education service look like?
  • What would a national investment bank do?
  • How can we fight an establishment backlash?
  • A charter for working women.
  • How many houses will solve the problem?
  • Strikes & solidarity: what do they look like?
  • Environmental justice and Social justice: How Green Policies can help working people?
  • Does our economy rely on immigrants?


For nearly a decade falling living standards has been the reality for the majority. Our public services have been cut beyond recognition, our wages have fallen, access to education and decent housing is becoming more difficult as a result of austerity policies. But the last year has seen a turbulent time in politics, with the Conservatives in an internal crisis, with no majority in parliament. This situation is untenable, change is coming! 

But how do we build a movement that forces this Government from office? And when that happens what exactly do we need from a new Government that can reverse the damaging austerity policies that the Tories have presided over?

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