Bring the Parking Service back in-house – Barnet UNISON

On Thursday 11 January 2018, from 6 pm at Hendon Town Hall the Environment Committee are considering a report written by a consultant as to whether the Parking contract should be brought back in-house or whether the Council should waste more public money putting the contract out to tender,

You can view the agenda item on the work programme for the Environment Committee here

Barnet UNISON issued “For A Better, Fairer, Democratically Accountable Barnet.” Policy statement.

Our policy statement states: “work towards bringing services already outsourced back in-house including NSL.”

Barnet UNISON believes the Parking Service should be delivered in-house.

We are lobbying all politicians to vote for the in-house service.

Barnet UNISON will be attending the Environment Committee meeting and are asking our NSL UNISON members to join us at Hendon Town Hall 6 pm Thursday 11 January 2018.

Environment Committee starts 6.30 pm.