From We Own It: Support Public Ownership

Public ownership – whether national or local – means we can reduce costs and risks and increase quality, flexibility and accountability.

Public ownership – whether national or local – can be done by


  • bringing contracts in house as they expire
  • buying back assets so that profits are returned to all of us
  • setting up new public companies that will work for everyone (like our recent award winners Robin Hood Energy and Bristol Energy)

Local councils are squeezed for funding more than ever – but many are realising they can save money by insourcing.

So let’s not wait for the Tories to collapse! We can start building the country we want to live in today.

Tell your local councillors you want them to bring services in house, and show them all the evidence they need to get started.

Email your councillors

There’s no time to wait – privatisation is as damaging for local services as it is for national ones. Let’s make sure your community gets the high quality, publicly owned services it needs.

Get the ball rolling by emailing your councillors now. They need to know that if they embrace public ownership, you’ll be right behind them.