Stopping the use of Glyphosate in Public spaces in Barnet – Alternatives exist!

Public Meeting on Thursday, 28th of September 7 pm – 9 pm
Stop-Glyphosate-1200x521At Café Tintico 2-4 Station Road
Finchley N3 2 RY

(50 Yards from Finchley Central Station on the corner of Ballards Lane , next to the railway bridge).

with Nick Mole of the Pesticides Action Network (

The World Health Organisation has stated that it is highly probable that Glyphosate is carcinogenic.
It is also an endocrinal disruptor affecting our hormones, and also kills microbes thus being detrimental to intestinal flora.
As it is soluble in water and is chemically stable,  it is highly damaging to all forms of aquatic life and soil organisms, including earthworms and many other forms of life.
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