ARK PIONEER in Barnet Again

defendeducationARK want the old Barnet football ground at Underhill, Barnet Lane. As Greenbelt, this cannot be developed, if spare school places exist. On Barnet Lane, is Totteridge Academy (TTA) with spare places. TTA has 29 acres of land if school places are needed in the future. Residents are seriously concerned about the narrow, bendy, country roads of Barnet Lane and Mays Lane which become congested as it is. Mays Lane supports a bus route. Two large secondary schools opposite each other is unwelcome.

Why was our Greenbelt for Sale?

  1. Barnet Council sold our Greenbelt land, to Tony Kleanthous, of Barnet Football Club for the price of a basic car. (about 15 years ago)
  2. Government Education Dept. bought it from Tony for £14.2 Million.
  3. Why was public money spent before planning permission was granted and at a time when existing schools are suffering cuts and have had cuts year on year, to their education budgets?
  4. Ark Pioneer promotes “Blended Learning” from the USA which claims to cut costs with fewer teachers. Computer learning, currently augments education but what is proposed is experimental. It is ARK’s own curriculum and software with an increase in unqualified teachers.


What Can You Do?

  • Google on, “Planning application: Underhill Stadium AND Hockey Club”. The reference Number is 17/4840/FUL. You can comment as a resident of this Borough or if you work here.
  • email Conservative councillors/visit their advice drop in surgeries.
  • Save the Date: 18th September 2017: Public Meeting

Contact: Barnet Parents Defending Education at: