UCU: Academic boycott of London Metropolitan University

ucu-1140-400Members not employed by London Metropolitan University are asked to support the academic boycott in any way that they can.

This may include not doing the following:

  • applying for any advertised jobs
  • speaking at or organising academic or other conferences
  • giving lectures
  • accepting positions as visiting professors or researchers
  • writing for any academic journal which is edited at or produced by the institution in question
  • accepting new contracts as external examiners for taught courses
  • collaborating on new research projects.

For the avoidance of doubt, where any of the above or other related activities forms part of your contractual duties you should only refrain from doing them after your head of department (or line manager) has given you prior permission to do so. UCU is not asking or encouraging academics to act in breach of their contracts of employment. In the event of any doubt, before acting advice should be sought from the union or clarification sought from your line manager.

Important UCU members employed by London Metropolitan University must not participate in the academic boycott in order to protect their contractual position.

Please also note: London Metropolitan University amended boycott advice