Defend Civil Liberties – Stop the Criminalisation of Protest

The Metropolitan Police recently produced a pamphlet associated with the Prevent initiative on terror threats which suggested that Stop the War, CND and a range of other campaigning organisations posed a terror threat.

The pamphlet was distributed widely amongst staff at the frontline of our public services. This is the most blatant case in a growing trend towards the criminalisation of protest and the suppression of debate of a whole range of vitally important issues in our society including matters of war and peace.

This Thursday, campaigners from some of the named groups including Stop the War’s Lindsey German will be joining the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, National Education Union Joint General Secretary Kevin Courtney, the rapper Lowkey, Ragad Al-Tikriti from the Muslim Association of Britain and Jamie Potter, Joint Head of Bindmans’ Public Law and Human Rights team, to discuss the issues and how best to push back against attacks on our civil liberties.
Please join us and be part of this crucial campaign…
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Thurs 27 Feb | 18:30-20:30
Hamilton House
Mabledon Place
London, WC1H 9BD

We need volunteers for the meeting so please email if you’d like to help out.

Support the Sixth form college strike rally- 27 February

Support the sixth form college strike rally- 27 February

This coming Thursday NEU members in sixth form colleges will continue strike action in furtherance of our trade dispute with the secretary of state.

To coincide with the continuing action, we are hosting a parliamentary square rally of our members and invite you all to join and support. The rally will include speakers like Kevin Courtney- Joint General Secretary, Debby Pope- Chicago Teachers Union, Jean Evanson- NEU National Executive member for post 16 and others.

Details of the rally:

If you cannot make on the day, it would be great if you can share the attached twitter and facebook card tagging your messages of solidarity @NEUnion #SaveOurColleges.

Solidarity march and rally for PCS Interserve Strikers: Wed 26 Feb from 12:15-1:30 pm Westminster

Interserve Strikers Solidarity March and Rally

Event Date: Wednesday 26 February 2020

Location: Assemble at 12:15, outside the FCO, King Charles Street London SW1A 2AH

Who is this event for: Everyone who believes in equality and public services

During the last week of a 4-week strike by Interserve workers at the Foreign and Commonwealth, show them how much you support them by joining their solidarity march and rally on the 26 February. The striking members have received incredible support for trade unions and members of the public.

·       1,600 people using the PCS e-action calling on Foreign Secretary, Domini Raab, to facilitate talks to resolve the dispute,

·       38 cross party MPs have signed EDM#125

·       PCS president Fran Heathcote, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Chris Stephens MP, chair of the PCS parliamentary group, 20 MPs,  as well as PCS, RMT and Unite reps attending a solidarity picket on the 11 February as part of the Heart Unions Week.

·       The TUC released a video about the dispute on the 18 February.

·       30 supporters attended a protest  outside Interserve HQ last Wednesday (16 February).

·       Trade unions (TUC, UNISON and Unite) and individual supporters refused to cross the picket line and attend Department for Trade and Industry events at the FCO last Monday and Thursday.


We encourage all trade unionists and supporters to bring their flags, banners, musical instruments, babies, dogs to march from King Charles Street to Old Palace Yard for a rally at 1 pm.

Speakers include:

·       Interserve striker

·       Shadow chancellor, John McDonnell

·       United Voices of the World striker

·       Representative of We Own It

·       Others speakers to be confirmed.

Solidarity rally for striking UCU members: Tuesday 25th Feb, 6pm Imperial Hotel

55,OOO UCU members across the UK have started 14 days of strike action this week. Our fight is to defend our pensions, pay, working conditions and to secure equal pay and end the scourge of caualisation.

The employers and the government have been taken by surprise of the scale of our resistance and our determination to win. By striking to end casualisation we are also ensuring that we our students have the education they deserve.

We know we are not alone in this fight. We all face the same insecure contracts, cuts in our wages and pensions. We0 recognise a victory for us will also be a victory for the whole of the working class movement.

We invite you to attend the London Region UCU solidarity rally. Bring donations and banners. 

Speakers include:

  • John McDonnell, shadow chancellor
  • Mark Serwotka, PCS Gen Sec
  • Jane Loftus, President CWU
  • Howard Becket, UNITE Assistant General Sec 
  • Colleen Johnson, NEU Exec
  • Lesley Kane, UCU chair of OU branch
  • Ian Hodson, President Bakers Union
  • Lowkey, rapper

Venue details: Tudor Room, Imperial Hotel, Russel Square

For more details:


@ TUC Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LS

FREE ADMISSION! (Registration Essential) Please register: / 020 7467 1220

Windrush Campaign is a legal and political campaign to win an amendment to the Windrush Scheme. Currently the descendants and family members of the Windrush Generation – those who came after 1973 & 1988 are excluded from using the Windrush Taskforce (who operate the Windrush Scheme) to regularise their stay. This is because of the racism encoded in British Immigration legislation of 1968, 1971 and 1981


Antonia Bright, Movement for Justice Campaign Coordinator Leader in Movement for Justice, whose aim is advancing the struggle for equality and justice. She is focused on developing the movement, speaking the truth about racism to win our struggles. In UNISON, as a branch Black Members Ofcer, she has won national support for ‘Widen Windrush’ and championed immigrant rights.

Declan Owens, Solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors Specialising in labour law and human rights. Declan has represented blacklisted trade unionists in the construction sector; completed a master’s degree in European and International Labour Law at the University of Amsterdam; conducted research at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies; worked in the legal department of the International Trade Union Confederation; and worked for the Workers’ Bureau of the International Labour Organisation. Also, a member of the Executive Committee of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers and the European Lawyers for Workers Network. Declan is a GMB and United Voices of the World Union member.

Grace Brown, Barrister at Garden Court Called to the Bar in 1995 propelled by the desire to promote the rights of those who are less privileged and/or disadvantaged. Her areas of practice are public law, with a particular focus on human rights, immigration and refugee law. Grace has 25 years’ experience in these areas of the law and is well-respected in her eld. She is a contributor to the leading practitioner text of Macdonald’s Immigration Law and Practice and General Editor of Butterworths Immigration Law Service. She is appointed to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s preferred Panel of Counsel.In 2018 Grace became involved in planning for a strategic challenge to the breadth and depth of the Windrush Scheme. She has attended many events directed at promoting and highlighting the rights of those affected by the Windrush Scandal, as a speaker and as a delegate, and was an invited House of Commons speaker on issues concerning those indirectly affected by the Windrush Scandal alongside David Lammy MP and Janet Daby MP

Strong support for Interserve workers as month-long strike continues

The facilities management (FM) workers have been in dispute with their employer since March 2019, which has already involved 18 days of strike action over six periods in 2019. Whilst strike action has won some concessions, Interserve will not move on key issues such as union recognition and a buy-out on contractual pay date changes.  This has led to this latest period of strike action which is due to continue for the whole of February.

Despite the cold weather the striking workers were out in force on the picket line this morning where they welcomed many visitors who came to show their support.

PCS president Fran Heathcote, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn and at least 18 other MPs representing constituencies from across England and Scotland attended.  Many London based PCS reps also came along to show their solidarity.


PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka accused Interserve of “gerrymandering,” the recognition process which means no agreement can be reached.

He said: “Our members are taking on an aggressive employer that has done everything it can to thwart a just settlement to this dispute.

“Instead of negotiating properly, they have been accused of threatening our reps who have a mandate and are lawfully encouraging people to go on strike.”

He added that the staff were leading an “inspiring campaign” alongside other contracted out workers and urged the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to settle the dispute between the union and Interserve.

“We call upon the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to intervene in this dispute and for the government to put an end to contracting out of services within departments by bringing them back in house,” he said.

How you can help


Dear John Biggs,

We are extremely concerned to hear that Tower Hamlets Council is taking legal action against the NEU in respect of their strike ballot to defend their members’ terms and conditions.

We are particularly disappointed, as the NEU has played a leading role in the School Cuts campaign, working with MPs and councillors all over the country to highlight the effects of government cuts on our schools.

The right to strike is fundamental in a democratic society and we are truly shocked that a Labour Council is using anti-trade union laws brought in by David Cameron’s government to try and stop this.

We note that part of your submission to the High Court is the suggestion that strike action by school staff will cause financial hardship to parents and lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour.

This has nothing to do with the legality of the NEU ballot but is a clear signal to any judge who is sympathetic to Boris Johnson’s idea that public sector workers should be banned from taking strike action.

We fully support the right of NEU members to take strike action.

We urge you to withdraw the threat of legal action and to talk to the NEU and other unions so that the dispute can be resolved.


Thanks for your support – if you want to be kept informed of future developments please leave your email address.

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