16 November- Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance- Trade Union Conference

10.30am – 17.30pm

University of Greenwich, Stephen Lawrence Building, Old Naval College, 30 Park Row, London SE10 9LS

Undercover policing & trade unions: the Political and the Personal

Including sessions on:
Impact of undercover policing on the trade union movement
Women against the State
Privacy & Surveillance in the Workplace
Truth and Fiction: Representations of Spycops on Screen
Undercover policing – inquiry or cover up?

Stop Arming Saudi & UAE: Hands Off Yemen

Weds 11 Sept | 17:30-19:00
10 Downing Street
Facebook Event


On Wednesday 11 September, the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK, alongside Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and London Students for Yemen will hold a protest demanding that the British Government end arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. A delegation of representatives will hand a letter to the Prime Minister.

The British Government has sold over £5 billion of Arms to Saudi Arabia since the Saudi-led war on Yemen began in 2015. The Court of Appeal has ruled these sales as unlawful, as the government has repeatedly failed to carry out the necessary investigations into the Saudi regimes use of British weapons in the targeting of civilians.

The British government in its appeal of this ruling continues to seek profit from the arms trade, despite it clearly violating international law.

In just the week before the UK will be hosting the DSEI arms fair which will welcome a large Saudi delegation.

The war on Yemen has caused what the UN describes as “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” Currently the UN states that 80% of the Yemeni population, totalling over 24 million people, are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance and since the conflict began at least 230,000 people have died.

The Saudi-led coalition would be unable to continue its bombardment of Yemen without British support and weapons. It is imperative that the international community demand that the targeting of civilians, the destruction of vital infrastructure and violations of international law do not become normalised for the sake of economic interest.

Join us in demanding the UK government stop arming Saudi Arabia and its coalition forces.