Trades Union Councils Programme of Works 2019

The Trades Councils Programme of Work is a guide to trades councils on the current priorities as established at both TUC Congress and the Trades Councils Annual Conference. The Programme of Work outlines those priorities and identifies specific actions for both trades councils and the TUCJCC.

The TUC’s campaign plan sets out what our movement will do together, over the coming year. It’s our manifesto for working people. It complements the campaigns and industrial priorities of individual unions, and offers a platform for members of different unions to work together on campaigns locally, through trades councils, regionally and nationally.

As you plan for the coming year, think about the practical actions your branch, trades council or region can take to promote our common priorities, show practical solidarity to workers in dispute and lend our support to wider campaigns that share our values. Whether it be at Workers’ Memorial Day, May Day, heartunions week, Durham Miners’ Gala, International Women’s Day, Black History Month or Tolpuddle, trade unionists stand up for equality, justice and working people all year round. And throughout the year to come, there will be tools and resources to support you at

2018-2019 – Programme of Work

Statement from Labour Group following update on strategic contract review with Capita

Following an update from Barnet Council on the strategic contracts review with Capita, Leader of the Barnet Labour Group, Cllr Barry Rawlings said: “It is very disappointing to learn that full business cases for bringing Capita-run services back in-house will not be presented to the 11 December Policy & Resources Committee as democratically voted for by cross-party councillors in July.

“Overruling a democratic decision from behind closed doors with no consultation with the Committee and no real explanation why is not acceptable.

“Given the scale of the failures highlighted in the Grant Thornton review of the Council’s financial control environment, and the litany of poor performance in other Capita-run services like pensions administration, the Council should be progressing quickly to terminate its relationship with Capita.

“The fact that they are proceeding so slowly raises concerns about this Conservative administration’s commitment and competence to negotiate a way out of this mess.”

Full statement here.

Barnet Mobilises for the Anti-fascist demo

Fascism is more of a threat than it has been in decades. Racist hard right governments have come to power throughout many countries, most recently Brazil. Terror attacks by the far right are on the rise all over the world, from the assassination of Jo Cox MP here in Britain last to the Pittsburgh massacre last month, which is the worst attack on Jewish people in American history. Fascist and racist groups are also taking to the streets for mass demonstrations of hate. Barnet meet-up on the day here.

This makes having a real movement against racism more necessary than ever. To spread the word about the mass demonstration against racism, we need a really big public push to get the word out about the demo. Join us for a mass public leafleting.

Hendon leafletting session.

Finchley leafletting session.

27 November – Stop Arming Saudi – Stop Bombing Yemen

Stop Arming Saudi – Stop Bombing Yemen
Tues 27 Nov | 19:00
Mander Hall, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD
Facebook Event »

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition »


Owen Jones, Journalist & Author
Kim Sharif, Human Rights for Yemen
Lowkey, Musician & Activist
Richard Norton-Taylor, Former Guardian Security Editor
Lindsey German, Stop the War Convenor

The Saudi regime is one of the most brutal and authoritarian anywhere in the world. Its ruler Mohammed Bin Salman is implicated in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey and has rounded up and tortured opponents at home. His government is also the main protagonist of the terrible war on Yemen.

The Saudi led war has already devastated Yemen and killed tens of thousands of people. Aid agencies warn that if it continues it will cause the worst humanitarian catastrophe since World War Two.

Yet the British government continues to back the regime. Earlier this year Theresa May welcomed Bin Salman to Britain, claiming he was a reformer. Really the British government stays close to Saudi Arabia because Saudi buys more arms from Britain than any other country, because it is a major oil supplier to the West and because it has long been a key ally in a region the West is desperate to control.

Ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia is now essential and urgent. It could help to avert catastrophe. Come to this important public meeting and join us in our campaign to make it happen.

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