Emergency Protest Tomorrow Protest Trump’s racist Britain First tweets – No state visit!

5.30pm, Friday 1 December
US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, W1A 2LQ

Stand Up To Racism has called a protests against Donald Trump’s re-tweets of the fascist Britain First’s Islamophobic tweets that have shocked the world and his subsequent defence of them which attempted to justify anti-Muslim hate.

Trump’s presidency has been marked by a series of disgusting racist outbursts from his “Muslim ban” to his equating fascists and anti-fascists at Charlottesville, despite the death of Heather Heyer.

Only this week Trump was making offensive comments while speaking to Native American veterans. Now he has offered support for the views of a group made infamous by the use of their name by murderer of Labour MP Jo Cox.

Britain First are a fascist organisation with a history of Islamophobia and hate crime. Thomas Mair, who murdered Jo Cox, shouted ‘Britain First’ before he commited the terrible act. By retweeting Britain First, trump is legitimising this racism and Islamophobia. We can not let this go unopposed

Join us outside the US Embassy to say no to Trump, no to racism, no to a state visit!

Shadow Chancellor sends message of hope and solidarity to Barnet UNISON and grassroots Labour Party members

BREAKING NEWS: Shadow Chancellor sends message of hope and solidarity to Barnet UNISON and grassroots Labour Party members.

“I fully support the Barnet UNISON policy statement For A Better, Fairer, Democratically Accountable Barnet. The branch has mounted an inspirational decade long battle with a right wing ideological driven Tory Council determined to outsource all of its services. I send solidarity message to the branch and to Barnet Labour members who together will deliver a Labour Council to implement this policy statement. ” John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor

“I’m absolutely delighted that in his busy schedule John McDonnell has the time to send a message of Hope & Solidarity to Barnet UNISON members and grassroots Labour Party members who against the odds have delivered three marginal seats in Barnet. Our policy statement is a signal of intent to begin to address the damage done to our public services and the staff made redundant. Outsourcing has delivered in Barnet, but not in the way it was spun by consultants who grew rich on the millions paid by Barnet residents in the name of austerity. Hope for the many is within our grasp, austerity lite policies are not welcome here.”
John Burgess, Barnet UNISON Branch Secretary

For A Better, Fairer, Democratically Accountable Barnet.

For A Better, Fairer, Democratically Accountable Barnet

Barnet UNISON has been involved with many campaigns involving the Community over the years. We do not see a contradiction between the provision of good services and good terms and conditions for the workers we represent. Our members often use the services our colleagues provide. Our key campaign has been the opposition of outsourcing which we warned would deliver inferior services to the Council, with a higher cost to residents and with less accountability for the money spent.

Unfortunately we appear to have been proven right. The following quote is from the Council’s own recent External Audit report:

“As at 31 March 2017, the Council has a prepayment balance of £44.7 million in respect of its Customer and Support Group (CSG) contract. This contract covers a number of front line and back office services including finance, ICT, HR, customer services, revenues and benefits, procurement, estates, and corporate programmes. As this is a significant prepayment, we challenged management with regard to its basis“.

Barnet UNISON has agreed policies we would like to see implemented by the next Council administration. We may alter or add to these policies and positions following discussions in the coming months.

Barnet UNISON (Local Government Branch) calls on those parties and candidates contesting the local Council election in May 2018 to support (and implement if elected) the following:

End the Council’s over reliance on agency staff and consultants, replacing these with Council employees.
Review Unified Reward and consider returning to GLPC.

Adopt UNISON ethical care charter. 

Address and alleviate the problems caused by the forthcoming relocation of Barnet Council and Partner organisation staff to the new Colindale Office building.

Bring all the Council’s Health & Safety responsibilities back in to in-house control and monitoring.
Review Health & Safety arrangements in the Borough.

TBG Flex employees to be employed on Local Government T&C’s, Pay with access to Local Government Pension Scheme.
The Barnet Group to be brought back in-house.
End short term 2 & 5 year tenancies and reintroduce secure life time tenancies for all tenants.
End or limit Right to Buy and the subletting of Right to Buy properties
Increase Council home building.
Widen the availability of social housing within the Borough.
Resource the monitoring of housing where necessary to ensure it is fit for habitation.

Restore the pre-April 2017 level of staffed opening hours, with sufficient Library workers (in numbers, qualifications and experience) and resources.
Review the use of lost Library space with a view to returning to Library use.
Bring the Partnership Libraries back in-house.
Work with all stakeholders in the Library Service to produce a strategy that will maintain and improve the quality and accessibility of Barnet Libraries.

No more Council services to be outsourced.
Work towards bringing services already outsourced back in-house including NSL.
Review Capita and other contracts with the aim of bring services back in-house.
Ensure that while outsourcing contracts are running they are properly overseen and these services are provided to the contracted level without incurring further cost to the Council.

Support the Trade Union (UNISON, GMB, Unite) NJC PAY CLAIM 2018 – 2019
Ensure that Council, partner organisation and contractor employees are paid at least the London Living Wage.
End Performance Related Pay.

52 week contracts for TAs and other support workers.
Oppose the establishment of academies.

Instigate a search within the Borough for a site (or sites?) for a depot (depots?) suitable for all Street Scene’s long-term needs?
Commit to the retention of Street Scene services in-house.

From We Own It: Support Public Ownership

Public ownership – whether national or local – means we can reduce costs and risks and increase quality, flexibility and accountability.

Public ownership – whether national or local – can be done by


  • bringing contracts in house as they expire
  • buying back assets so that profits are returned to all of us
  • setting up new public companies that will work for everyone (like our recent award winners Robin Hood Energy and Bristol Energy)

Local councils are squeezed for funding more than ever – but many are realising they can save money by insourcing.

So let’s not wait for the Tories to collapse! We can start building the country we want to live in today.

Tell your local councillors you want them to bring services in house, and show them all the evidence they need to get started.

Email your councillors

There’s no time to wait – privatisation is as damaging for local services as it is for national ones. Let’s make sure your community gets the high quality, publicly owned services it needs.

Get the ball rolling by emailing your councillors now. They need to know that if they embrace public ownership, you’ll be right behind them.

150th Anniversary of the Clerkenwell Prison Explosions

On Sunday 10th December, we will be commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Clerkenwell Prison explosions that occurred on 13th December, 1867. In an attempt to explode a prison wall, it, accidentally inflicted more casualties than the Birmingham Pub bomb of 1974 and was to start a repressive period of anti – Irish racism in Britain during the Victorian times. Michael Barrett was the last person to be, publicly, hanged for his part in this Fenian conspiracy and gave his name to the English language, “Taking the Mick.”

We will meet at 3pm on Sunday at Farringdon tube station. Peter Middleton will be conducting the tour and we will visit the place where Michael Barrett was hanged. It will be concluded with a candle lit vigil in Clerkenwell Close.

For further details, please contact Austin Harney: au5tin67@yahoo.co.uk


Friday December 1ST 2017 18.00
East Ham Working Men’s Club, 2 Boleyn Road, London E6 1QE
Nearest tube – Upton Park, Buses 5, 58, 115, 147

SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Len McCluskey Unite General Secretary, Ann Field, Ken Loach, Brian Holmes, plus special guests

In the blazing hot July of 1972, 5 London dockers were jailed in Pentonville prison. They had picketed in defiance of Tory anti-union laws. This led to a wave of unofficial industrial action and protest involving hundreds of thousands of workers sweeping the country forcing the release of the 5 within a week.

It was a massive working class victory – part of a wave of actions during the early 1970s including factory occupations, work-ins like Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, Briant printers and Fakenham women. A long battle against anti-union laws was underway. There were epic miners strikes in 72 & 74.  In Ireland 1972 saw Bloody Sunday in Derry.

This event celebrates the great Pentonville victory but also looks at the lessons for our battle today against anti-union laws and rampant capitalism. Pentonville stands in the list of historic victories from Tolpuddle onwards.

Join us for this historic celebration and find out about our history and our future.

UCU Strike Brighton University Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th

Members of the UCU at the University of Brighton will walk out on strike on Thursday at 1pm in dispute about compulsory redundancies. They will continue their strike on Friday and then begin a work-to-contract the following Monday. Further strike action is planned for December. The action follows a ballot which returned majorities in favour of action of more than 85%.

If you can head down to any of the Uni sites from 8pm on Friday to show support on the picket lines please do.

Please send messages of support to ucubrighton@gmail.com

Defend the Right to Picket Demo – Saturday 25th November 2pm Brighton Station

As you will be aware the RMT are in a long running dispute with Southern Rail about the removal of guards from trains.

The RMT had previously been running effective pickets at the back of Brighton station that many drivers were refusing to cross. To try to stop this Southern have threatened strong legal action under the anti-union laws to move the pickets well away from the station.

Please head down to the station on Saturday at 2pm to show your support for having guards on our trains and for the right for union members to picket their own workplace without fear of victimisation.

Please do what you can to support and publicise this. Please can you bring banners flags etc!!!

#StopandFix #UniversalCredit action in Oxford St at 2pm on December 2

Please join our creative #StopandFix #UniversalCredit action on Oxford St at 2pm on December 2nd.

Meet 2pm at Costa Coffee: Directions – Oxford Circus Tube then Exit 1 then walk  2 mins down Oxford St and turn left to Great Portland St.

We have: Street Theatre involving banners, placards, Theresa May!, Xmas Crackers, Xmas UC singalong, mince pies….and much more….any more ideas?

Our demos on December 2nd are to educate the public on the devastating effect of UC to get them behind our #StopandFix #UniversalCredit campaign.

Travel will be reimbursed.

Please confirm your attendance by emailing

Tony.Winchester@unitetheunion. org


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