March At Tory Party Conference: No to Austerity


Barnet TUC and the Barnet Alliance for Public Services are putting on transport to get to Manchester to join the nationwide protests against Tory austerity and attacks on workers’ rights on Sunday the 4th of October.

There will be three pick-up points:

  1. 6:45 AM: Finchley Central
  2. 7 AM: Hendon Central
  3. 7.15 AM: Mill Hill Broadway

Tickets are £15 for waged people, and £1 unwaged (plus donations if you can afford it).

Contact Barnet UNISON Tel. 020 8359 2088 Fax: 020 8446 5245 Email:

Demo called by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity and the Trades Union Congress.

Reinstate Alan Brown

Barnet Trades Union Council send a message of Solidarity to Alan Brown


Alan Brown is a Trade Union Member who has been suspended from his job in Bromley there will be a hearing on 18th August 2015. A protest will take place to support Alan and show solidarity while the hearing is taking place. Please show support to Alan, and let’s get Alan Brown Reinstated.


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Following consultations with residents of Whitefield Estate and the recent objections to the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) there are still many issues to be discussed. Would you like to participate in regular meetings and discuss all the issues and concerns you have about the regeneration of Brent Cross Cricklewood (BCX)

Please like are new Facebook Page

Our Whitefield Estate

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or email at



Join Us To Leaflet For Libraries

Join Us – To leaflet for the Childrens March for Libraries on the 12th of September. We will be meeting outside the Bohemia in North Finchley at 12 and leafleting till 2pm every Saturday from now till the march on the 12th of September  – Join Us!!!

Every Saturday till the march on the 12th of September

15/08/15 12 till 2pmChildrens_March

22/08/15 12 till 2pm

29/08/15 12 till 2pm

05/09/15  12 till 2pm

At the Bohemia, North Finchley

Contact Tirza on 07957486379











John Burgess standing for general secretary of UNISON


John Burgess, Branch Secretary of Barnet UNISON LG will be standing for the position of UNISON General Secretary.

Barnet Trades Council collectively and unanimously endorse his candidacy.

John has long been a driving force and figurehead in our community campaigns.

He brings his knowledge, innovative and resourceful thinking, energy, drive and leadership to our community and is an inspiration to all who come into contact with him.

UNISON, under his stewardship, will become an inclusive, campaigning union that members sorely need.

John would stand against the Austerity-Lie, fight injustice and inequality with the burning passion that he has brought to our community campaigns and champion the rights of workers the precariat and the dispossessed.

Good Luck John we support you 100% 



John Burgess



Labour Leadership Election

Barnet Trades Union Council – Statement in regard to the Labour Leadership Election

At the Barnet Trades Union Council meeting held on the 13th of August it was unanimously agreed to endorse and support Jeremy Corbyn’s candidature for Leader of the Labour Party.

Jeremy has proved an avid supporter of numerous community and Trade Union campaigns in Barnet over the years, and we believe that as Labour Party Leader that he will continue to support community issues and workers’ rights.

Jeremy stands for true Labour values and is committed to improving the economic and social conditions of working people, including seeking improvements to the social services, public education, housing and health and the creation of a fairer society.

Jeremy is the only Labour Leadership candidate who is opposed to the Neo – Liberal dogma of austerity. Barnet Trades Council are proud to give Jeremy our support and urge all members of our community to do likewise.




TUC to organise national demonstration during Conservative Party Conference


National demonstration during Conservative Party Conference

The TUC will organize a national demonstration in Manchester this autumn against the government’s austerity agenda and attacks on trade unions. It will take place on Sunday 4 October and will begin with a march through central Manchester, culminating in a rally close to the Conservative Party Conference.

Workers and community organisations from across the country will join the demonstration, which will be the first the TUC has organised since the Conservative government came to power.

Barnet Trades Council  will be participating and are in the process of organizing transport to Manchester.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“This October’s march and rally will allow thousands of ordinary people to show the government exactly what they think of their policies.

“The Conservatives’ planned attack on trade unions and extreme cuts are an assault on working people at a time when they should be focused on securing the UK’s fragile recovery and creating better jobs to boost productivity.”


Library Consultation report

11012699_10153367435611206_6387938277617707152_n“Inappropriate, over the top, dire, painful, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, restrictive and unimaginative”


That is the view of participants stated in the recently published Council’s Library Consultation report*.

UNISON and Library user groups challenged the fairness of the consultation from the outset, viewing it as forcing responses   accepting the Councils options as being the only ones possible for the future of our Libraries. But even with this weighting the result is a resounding no to the Council.

The report finds:

95 % support for libraries being run directly by the Council

Little support for library closures.

Condemnation of the proposed minimum average size of 540 square feet for Libraries.

Widespread praise of the expertise and professionalism of Barnet’s library staff, and a strong sense that these qualities could never be adequately replaced through the use of

The quality of the library service would be negatively affected if any of the options are implemented volunteers

Criticism of the ‘open library’ model (unstaffed libraries)  on grounds that it would pose a security risk to users, stock and facilities; as well as diluting the overall quality of the service

The Council, if it has any claim to be a democratic body responsive to the wishes of residents, must now discard the current proposals for libraries and instead present the people of Barnet with a plan that will save our Libraries and develop on the already admirable service they provide.

* Barnet’s Future Library Service: Final Report of the Consultation Outcomes.

Report of Findings for Opinion Research Services July 2015.


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Register to vote in the Labour Leadership Election

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader

We now have just 24 hours left to recruit new members and supporters to vote in the leadership election.
I am asking you to approach 5 of your friends, family or co-workers, who share our values to join up before noon tomorrow (Wednesday).
It couldn’t be easier – please ask them to either:

Signing up in any of these categories will give you a vote, but must be done before noon on Wednesday.

Just forward on this email or share this link on social media:

Please only ask people to sign up if they support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and are not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.

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