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Sentencing Solidarity with Stansted 15

In March 2017, 15 people peacefully stopped a secretive deportation flight from leaving. After a 10 week trial they were found guilty of a terror-related charge. Join us outside Chelmsford Crown Court to stand with the Stansted 15 as they face sentencing and to demand an end to brutal deportation flights, inhumane indefinite detention, and the hostile environment.

Date:  February 4
Time: 8:30 am – 11:30 am

Solidarity with refugees and migrants: Stop the scapegoating!

Protest at the Home Office on Monday, January 7, 2019 at 6 PM – 7 PM

Join the protest at 6pm at the Home Office in London to protest in solidarity with refugees and migrants and to challenge the disgusting racist scapegoating being used by the Tory government and the establishment. Outside of London? Contact us if you are planning a local protest on the day in your town or city.

The establishment has whipped up a frenzy of racism towards refugees and migrants after a hundred or so refugees were reported to have crossed the Channel since Christmas Day. This latest attack on refugees and migrants comes off the back of the Tories’ ‘hostile environment’ that has aimed to create a climate of division.

Yet in reality, in 2015 1,015,078 refugees arrived in Europe, with more than 800,000 trafficked by sea from Turkey to Greece. Since then the numbers reaching Europe have plummeted. From the beginning of this year until mid‑September 20,120 arrived in Italy, down from 180,000 in 2016 and 20,760 arrived in Greece.

The number of clandestine arrivals at UK southern coastal ports in 2017-18 was 1,832, a 23% decrease on the 2,366 of these arrivals the previous year. Don’t believe the lies that are being used to dehumanise people who are escaping war and poverty to seek a better life for their families and blame them for the problems created by politicians and their austerity agenda. We say #RefugeesWelcome #MigrantsWelcome

Report from 8/9 December trip to Calais: Support #Coats4Calais

Around 90 volunteers travelled to Calais on Saturday for a weekend of solidarity with refugees organised by SUTR and Care4Calais. Despite torrential rain, all the refugee settlements in Calais had distributions, plus the large settlement at Dunkirk. Over 700 packs of winter clothing were distributed, plus hot drinks and snacks, haircutting, phone charging and wi-ii.
SUTR groups came from Birmingham, Enfield, Haringay, Newham and South London, along with trade union delegations from Warwickshire NEU and a GMB delegation from London Region and North West/Northern Ireland region.
Over 3,000 refugees are currently sleeping rough in Northern France, and temperatures are rapidly dropping. Some as young as 13, with no access to clean clothes, water or shelter. So this holiday season our goal is to provide each and every one of these refugees with a warm winter coat. To do this we URGENTLY need your help.
We’re asking everyone to look in your cupboards for a winter coat you no longer wear.
  • Take a picture of yourself holding up this coat and post it on social media with a message such as:
    “Show you @Care4Calais by donating a coat to a refugee this winter #Coats4Calais”
  • Donate your coat at your nearest drop off point – see here
  • If you don’t have a coat to donate you can buy a coat to keep a refugee warm all winter for just £25 here

Free the #stanstead15

Last Monday the #Stansted15 were found guilty of a terror-related offence after they peacefully prevented a secretive deportation flight from leaving last March.
These activists are an incredible inspiration to millions of people who are enraged and horrified at the injustice of how refugees are forced to suffer at the hands of Fortress Europe and the British government’s ‘hostile environment’ that regularly sees parents stripped from their children, lives put in extreme danger as deportation flights take off to deport people, and the horror of life for those in detention centres.
The #Stanstead15 now face an uncertain future, and the implications of the use of anti-terror legislation in this case poses a threat to the civil liberties and right to protest of us all.
This sentence is intended to smash the anti-racist movement’s resistance to this government’s racist policies. The #Stanstead15 need the full solidarity of our mass, broad movement – we all must get behind them now to send the message loud and clear that refugees are welcome here, and that the charges against the #Stanstead15 heroes must be dropped.
2. Write a letter in support of the #Stanstead15 to CPS, for the attention of Judith Reed, the deputy chief crown prosecutor for East of England. Send the letter by emails to, or post to:East Of England Complex Case Unit, CPS, County House, 100 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0RG.
Suggested points that are useful to include
1. This was a politically motivated prosecution.
2. The charge was inexplicably changed from aggrivated trespass to endangering safety four months after the action.
3. The defendents must receive lenient sentences pending their appeal of the conviction. Emma, one of the activists, who is about to give birth must receive an absolute discharge. There must be no jail sentences for any of the defendents.
4. There should be a public inquiry into how peaceful activists came to be charged with a terror-related offence. We must receive confirmation that non violent direct action is not, and could not ever be, a terror related offence.
4. Is your local SUTR group organising/ involved with a local solidarity protest? Many are taking place already.
5. Take a ‘solidarity selfie’ with a message of support and share on social media with #Stanstead15. You can do this yourself, with work colleagues, in your union branch, college, community, with friends, family etc. You can email any messages of solidarity or ‘solidarity selfies’ to and we can pass on the the #Stanstead15 or share for you.
6. Can your local Stand Up To Racism group invite a speaker from #Stanstead15 to your next meeting/ rally/ protest?

Decolonising education: confronting racism on campus

Speakers include:

Kate Osamor MP • Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, poet and activist • Priya Gopal, Academic at University of Cambridge • Nita Sanghera, UCU Vice-President • Myriam Kane, NUS NEC • Naima Omar, Student Stand Up to Racism • more tbc

Sessions include:
Decolonising education • Challenging Islamophobia and Prevent • Kicking fascists off campus • Defending migrant students & workers • Confronting institutional racism

We have seen a massive rise in racism across society, from Tommy Robinson here to Trump in the US.

Students are often on the sharp end of this. Muslim students are treated as suspects from the Prevent agenda, EU nationals have their rights threatened by Brexit, and BAME students face institutional racism.

We have also recently seen attempts by the far right to gain a foothold on campus with groups like Generation Identity appearing at universities including Manchester, Bristol, Wolverhampton and Birkbeck.

This conference will bring together students, staff and education workers to discuss how we can decolonise our campuses and make them free from racism.

Stand Up To Racism Trade Union Conference 2019

Saturday 23 February,

10.30am-4.30pm (Registration from 10am)

Stopping the Far Right • Challenging institutional racism

Racism is on the rise – and the far right are seeking to take advantage to grow in size and confidence.

From Germany to Brazil, Italy to the US, the far right are on the march. And here Ukip, the “Football Lads” and Tommy Robinson are seeking to capitalise on the ‘hostile environment’ created by politicians and much of the media. Racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism are all growing.

This conference is aimed at trade unionists to discuss how we can organise to challenge the growth of the far right on the streets and in our communities.

And how do we root anti-racism deeper in our unions? The conference also takes place on the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Macpherson Report in February 1999. This was in response to the racist murder of a young black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, in South east London and the failure of the police in the case.

The report provoked a debate about institutional racism in the police but also in wider society, from schools to local authorities.

Yet two decades on, institutional racism remains deeply entrenched in too many workplaces. How do we organise as trade unionists to kick racism out of the workplace?

Let’s unite against fascist Tommy Robinson #NoRacismNoFascism

It is vital we come out in numbers, in unity and expose and oppose Robinson, who has a history of racism, Islamophobia and membership of the fascist British National Party. He of course founded the English Defence League and has made links with fascists and far right politicians from Geert Wilders in Holland to the Front National in France.
He claims his march, supported by racist UKIP, is about a “Brexit Betrayal”, but the reality is that he is a fascist who is looking to exploit May’s crisis to his own nasty ends – building a far right street movement here in Britain.
Whatever you think of Brexit, this demonstration is not about leave/remain, it is about uniting and coming out on the streets to oppose fascist Tommy Robinson.
The united counter demonstration is for all anti-fascists, regardless of their positions on leave/remain on Brexit, and the demonstration’s focus is opposing ‘Tommy Robinson, fascism and racism.
Assemble 11am at the BBC, Portland Place, and march to Whitehall.
to say #NoRacismNoFascism and stop this fascist seeking to exploit May’s crisis to build his far right street movement. We have to come together to stop him!
Speakers on the counter demo so far:
Steve Hedley – RMT Assisstant Gen Sec
Shen Batmaz – Mcstriker and Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union – BFAWU
David Rosenberg – Jewish Socialist Group
Mohammed Kozbar – Finsbury Park Mosque
Anas al Tikriti – Muslim Association of Britain
Daniel Kebede – #NEU NEC
Shahrar Ali Green Party Home Affairs Spokesperson
Louise Raw- author

Oppose Tommy Robinson in London – unite against racism & fascism

Tommy Robinson has said he and his supporters will march in London on Saturday 1 December. UKIP leader Gerard Batten is involved in the planning of the demonstration, according to Robinson.

Robinson says this is about a “Brexit betrayal” but it is about whipping up racism and islamophobia. Whatever way you voted in the referendum, join us to oppose Robinson and his hate.

Robinson has a history of racism, Islamophobia and fascist membership of the British National Party. He of course founded the English Defence League and has recently made links with fascists and far right politicians from Geert Wilders in Holland to the Front National in France.

Facebook event here.

Barnet Mobilises for the Anti-fascist demo

Fascism is more of a threat than it has been in decades. Racist hard right governments have come to power throughout many countries, most recently Brazil. Terror attacks by the far right are on the rise all over the world, from the assassination of Jo Cox MP here in Britain last to the Pittsburgh massacre last month, which is the worst attack on Jewish people in American history. Fascist and racist groups are also taking to the streets for mass demonstrations of hate. Barnet meet-up on the day here.

This makes having a real movement against racism more necessary than ever. To spread the word about the mass demonstration against racism, we need a really big public push to get the word out about the demo. Join us for a mass public leafleting.

Hendon leafletting session.

Finchley leafletting session.

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