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Petition: Stopping the use of Glyphosate in public spaces

Stop-Glyphosate-1200x521We the undersigned petition the council to stop using Glyphosate on pavements, green spaces and anywhere else where Barnet LB currently uses Glyphosate, and employ environmentally friendly methods of weed control.

The World Health Organisation has stated that it is highly probable that Glyphosate is carcinogenic.
Glyphosate is also an endocrinal disruptor affecting our hormones, and also kills microbes thus being detrimental to intestinal flora.
As it is chemically stable, Glyphosate is highly detrimental to the environment, being accumulated the higher up the food chain you go. As it is soluble in water, it is highly damaging to all forms of aquatic life and soil organisms, including earthworms.
Many other countries have banned or severely restricted Glyphosate, for example Sri Lanka, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, to name a few.
In the UK, many local authorities have also banned or severely restricted Glyphosate, including Shaftesbury, Hammersmith and Fulham, Glastonbury, Aberdeen and Edinburgh,
We believe it is time that Barnet followed the lead that others have shown and protected our environment and public health for the future.
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For more information please go to:
 This also includes links to UK local authorities who have banned or severely restricted Glyphosate, including infos on alternatives to Glyphosate.

Petition for barnet homes resident caretakers

i-love-council-houses-south-london-1-120x120 Please show solidarity with Barnet Homes Resident Caretakers, some of whom have been employed by their company for 30 years.

Sign the petition

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Stop the decision to remove service tenancies from Barnet Homes resident caretakers, forcing them to accept a flexible tenancy, and possible eviction from their homes and a vast increase in rent for their accommodation.


Petition to: declare opposition to the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP). – London Borough of Barnet

We the undersigned petition Barnet Council to publicly declare its
    opposition to The Transatlantic Trade and Investment
    Partnership (TTIP), and to write to the Secretary of State for
    Communities, London  MEPs & the Local Government Association
    raising concerns about the impact of TTIP on local authorities

    The EU & the USA are currently negotiating the goods and
    services to which TTIP will apply. There is no impact
    assessment of effects on local authorities, and no scrutiny of,
    or consultation on, the negotiating texts by local governments
    or bodies representing them.

      The proposed Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) requires
    disputes to be settled in secret courts outside the British
    judicial system and allows no appeals. It has been used by
    corporations to overturn democratic decisions by local
    authorities. TTIP could stop councils trading with local
    businesses, as investors could challenge government actions
    they consider harmful to their investments

The London Borough of Barnet refused to allow this petition:

Petition to: declare opposition to the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP). – London Borough of Barnet

so sign this one instead!!!