Barnet Alliance for Public Services: We need your potholes!

We have a fantastic potholes song that cannot be published yet until a suitable video to accompany it will be produced.

For that we need MANY PHOTOS OF POTHOLES and broken pavements.

We know there are hundreds of those across Barnet, but not many come through to the POTY Facebook page that Holly created.

The song and video will help promote this campaign towards the 17 June P&R meeting which will decide on whether to bring the Highways service back in-house, but we cannot use it until we get the pictures!


Please take photos of any pothole you come across and send them immediately.

You can take the photo on your mobile phone and send by What’sUp to me (07957-486 379),

Or attach to an email and send to this email account by Reply.


Petition: after the Tories suffer the biggest parliamentary defeat in history

The Tories’ chaotic handling of Brexit has left us with no choice: Jeremy Corbyn has called a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s government.

We need a General Election now to break the Brexit deadlock. And a new government that can get a Brexit deal that actually delivers for working people.

We need a government that can pull our NHS out of crisis, keep our communities safe and invest in the towns and cities the Tories have left behind.

We need a Labour government.

If you agree, stand with us today. Sign here.

Convoy to Calais

Barnet TUC is proudly suppoting this project for solidarity with refugees:


Hundreds more refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean, the British government are refusing to even take parentless children from Calais, and Syrian refugees are being forced back into the jaws of the war they have fled.

The Convoy to Calais on 18 June will be a huge demonstration of solidarity with refugees from the people of this country. The major unions are in. The biggest social movements are in. The Muslim community is in. Are you?

This is practical aid but it is also a huge moving protest at the way governments across the continent are failing refugees. This is the time to come together and say: stop the scapegoating, solidarity with the refugees.

Organised by People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Stop the War Coalition, Stand up to Racism, Unite the Union, Communications Workers Union, TSSA, War on Want, Momentum & Muslim Association of Britain

Here’s what you can do:

  • Come on the Convoy. We need every last lorry, van, bus, car, motorbike or scooter that can come to be with us. Let us know you’re coming by registering, and do make a donation to help with the costs. Even if you have to peel off at Dover and cant make it all the way. (Initial itinary below)
  • Collect: we need material, and money. Collect in your workplace, union, community, place of worship or just among your friends. Every bit counts. Download the full aproved donation list HERE.
  • Even if you haven’t collected anything do come on the Convoy. We need hands to unload and a massive show of solidarity.

Scandal of war graves’ staff facing £6,000-a-year pensions’ loss

Letter received by a Barnet Trade Unionist from a relative who works for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

As you know I work for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, what you may not know is that we’re having serious issues with our pension

Despite the promises of a decent pension at retirement the Commission wants to change it to a scheme which will leave many of us out of pocket in retirement by 1,000’s for every year we survive beyond normal retirement age.

I have been moved around many times, often against my will and with a mediocre salary but on the understanding that our pension was secure. I don’t need to go on about commitment and dedication and at my time of life there is little to no chance of making up the shortfall.

Our Unions have tried to negotiate an improvement on the proposals and have tabled many options but all have been refused. It’s got to a point now to which we have no option but to try and get public support for the work we do and put pressure on the government to intervene.

I would be most grateful if you could write to your MP asking that he/she signs this EDM, your local MP can be found here:

Or follow my unions link

Want Revenge on IDS but not able to travel to Manchester in October? Help sponsor an activist who can » DPAC


Want Revenge on IDS but not able to travel? Help sponsor an activist who can

The Conservative Party Conference is taking place at Manchester in October.  DPAC are organising two protests on Monday 5th and Wednesday 7th October during the week of the Tory party conference actions, and would like to support as many DPAC members to come to Manchester and attend our demonstrations, the details of the actions can be found here   and there is a day of planning Tory protest workshops to prepare for the DPAC actions taking place in Manchester on Saturday 12th September


Many of our members need additional support in order to travel and take part in a protest. The coaches being supplied by the Peoples’ Assembly for travel to Manchester are not accessible for many disabled people, and accessible coaches are incredibly expensive and have space for one wheelchair user.


Many of our disabled members will not be able to access the church hall that has been provided for the week of actions during the Tory Party Conference by the Peoples Assembly as it will not be adapted to meet disabled people’s access needs, and many of our members will require accessible hotel accommodation with facilities adapted for wheelchair users and others.


DPAC meet members travel costs when travelling to a DPAC protest so that as many disabled people who wish to travel to participate in our protests are able to do so.   We have £2,000 put aside to assist with travel and hotel accommodation, but this will only assist 10-12 disabled people to get to Manchester.   We need your support with a donation to help us support as many disabled people travel to Manchester and take part in the DPAC action themed IDS Wanted for Crimes Against Disabled People on Monday 5th October.


Would you be able to make a donation and support getting DPAC to Manchester?

You can Donate via Paypal using the button below, send a cheque made payable to DPAC, or arrange a BACS transfer. Please for details of the last two options

Want Revenge on IDS but not able to travel? Help sponsor an activist who can