TUC calls for emergency funding for flood affected areas

Working families must not pay price for climate change, says TUC

Commenting on the ongoing flooding in South Yorkshire, TUC Regional Secretary Bill Adams said:

“The government is treating this flooding as if it is a normal event.

“But try telling that to families who can’t afford home insurance and who will be left destitute.

“Instead of messing around with a mop, the prime minister should be taking this crisis seriously and providing emergency funding for devastated communities.

“We need a government that will put working families first and invest properly in tackling climate change.”


On September 20th, 4 million people across the world took part in the biggest climate mobilisation in history.

What next?
For two weeks in October, Extinction Rebellion and allied movements will continue to rebel in major cities across the globe against the criminal inaction on the Climate Crisis. On Saturday October 12th, we are calling for UK trade unionists to rally in London against the government and sound the alarm for the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Trade unions have always shown solidarity to those fighting for change and facing oppression. Many trade unionists have already shown solidarity with the school climate strikers.

The government has failed to protect our families and communities. Now it’s time to recognise the scale of the environmental catastrophe. Join us at Trafalgar Square on October 12th.

  1. Spread the word: Tell your friends and union members about October 12th, Share this event on social
    media @XRebellionUK
  2. Organise: Organise in your branch, workplace and trades council for October 12th. Pass a motion affiliating with
    Extinction Rebellion
  3. Invite a speaker to your branch: Discuss with Extinction Rebellion how workplaces and unions must respond to
    the climate crisis. Connect with your local Extinction Rebellion group. Declare a Climate Emergency
  4. Donate: Support the rebellion, donate at rebellion.earth/donate or directly to a local group near you www.rebellion.earth

Facebook event here.

TUC passes policy: Climate crisis and a just transition

Congress notes the recommendation by the Committee on Climate Change that the UK move to a net zero target for emissions by 2050 and the UK parliament’s declaration of an environmental and climate emergency following a motion tabled by Jeremy Corbyn. The Earth’s temperature has already risen by one degree above pre-industrial levels. The autumn IPCC report warned that we only have 12 years to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees. Net zero cannot be achieved without urgent investment in new, low-carbon energy generation Congress believes climate change is a trade union issue. The future of our planet is at risk if we don’t organise now to force governments to cut emissions in line with the IPCC report.

Congress welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s acknowledgement that it cannot be
workers and communities that pay the price for changes to the energy system
and commitment that the next Labour government “will guarantee that all energy workers are offered retraining, a new job on equivalent terms and conditions, covered by collective agreements and fully supported in their housing and income needs through transition”. The challenges of just transition will have greatest impact in regions and localities without equivalent employment opportunities.

Congress commends trade unions for the work they have done in promoting and developing an understanding of what a ‘just transition’ means, including the views of workers in the industries affected.

A just transition means:
i. a balanced low-carbon energy mix
ii. investment in skills and infrastructure
iii. education and training must be reviewed to ensure young people and workers are equipped to live and work in a just transition towards a sustainable future iv. protecting and creating high-quality jobs and employment
v. no community left behind
vi. unions must be at the heart of a reinvigorated industrial strategy.

Congress welcomes the principles developed in the TUC’s statement on a just
transition published in July 2019, namely:
a. A clear and funded path to a low-carbon economy, taxing the very wealthy and closing tax loopholes in line with Labour Party manifesto commitments.
b. Workers must be at the heart of delivering these plans.
c. Every worker should have access to funding to improve their skills.
d. New jobs must be good jobs.

Congress calls on the General Council to put these at the forefront of addressing the climate crisis and moving to a greener, fairer economy.

We must keep the pressure up. Greta Thunberg and the school students have led the way but educators and the trade union movement as a whole must now act to ensure that they don’t fight alone.

Congress resolves:
1. that the TUC calls for a 30-minute workday campaign action to coincide with the global school strike on 20 September.
2. to campaign for national and regional Just Transition Commissions including
full union and education representation to develop, monitor and implement
the process.

Climate strike 20 September – adults to join youth strikers across the world

Leaflet here.

Young people in the UK who have been striking for the climate are calling on adults to join them on Friday 20 September as part of a massive global day of action.

“This is not a single-generation job. It’s humanity’s job… Let’s all join together, with your neighbours, co-workers, friends, family and go out on to the streets to make your voices heard and make this a turning point in our history.” Greta Thunberg and 46 youth activists from the international school strike movement

What can I do?

Spread the word! This can be online – for example, share the Facebook event – but face to face conversations are best. Lots of energy and mobilising will take place in existing campaigns, communitiy groups etc. But this is a day where there will also be actions organised from workplaces, whether that’s a strike, a short walkout to join young people a stoppage or some other solidarity action. There’s a guide here for adults wanting to get involved.

You can talk to people in your workplace about why this is so important. Think about holding a meeting to discuss what action you can take. If you can, invite a school striker or climate activist. Be creative and imaginative. Tell your employer about the strength of feeling in support of backing the young people. 

Find out about what’s happening in your area.

There will also be planning events organised throughout the summer (see below, this page will be updated with details of new events as we find out about them). Thinking of organising one yourself? Remember to contact not just climate campaigners, but trade unions, activist groups concerned with other social justice issues, and of course, school strikers in your area. There will be lots of ways people can get involved. 

If you are a trade union member, there are more details on our trade union group website about organising through trade unions.

Check in for general updates: There are weekly online meetings, currently 6-7pm each Thursday (join by video link or dial in from a phone) to bring together people and organisations interested in making 20th September happen. In the calls we discuss the ways in which we’re organising our communities and groups, how we can collaborate, event logistics, sourcing resources, supporting one another and so on. To join via your computer, phone or tablet, click on the link https://wwf.zoom.us/j/571969920 and download the Zoom app when prompted. Or call 020 3051 2874, enter the Meeting ID (571 969 920) when prompted.

Action: call on the TUC to support the climate strikes

In September UCU are bringing a motion to the TUC Congress for the TUC to call a 30 minute workplace stoppage on the day of the strikes – the first time in over 30 years that the TUC has issued such a call on any issue. To get this motion passed UCU will need to demonstrate how widespread the support for it is – please sign up and share, whether you are a trade union member or not. 


#ClimateChange is a trade union issue.

It’s not enough to just demand a #ClimateChange Strike. We need joint trade union action to begin conversations with our members about how the causes of ClimateChange are already impacting on their health and well being.

Our branch has recently passed a motion which we already starting to implement .

Branch resolves:

  • To commit the branch into entering urgent negotiations with Barnet Council and other employers in order to identify the following.
    • The risks to the health and wellbeing of workers regularly exposed to air pollution.
    • What measures/protection can be put in place to mitigate the hard of air pollution?
    • What health checks can be made available to workers regularly exposed to air pollution?
  • The branch contacts our union to ascertain any possible legal claims for injury at work as a result of regular expose to air pollution.
  • To back the call for a climate strike on 20 September
  • To support the call by the UCU for the TUC to organise a 30 minute workday solidarity stoppage to coincide with the global school student strike on the 20th.
  • To call upon our national executive to support the UCU’s motion at this year’s TUC congress calling for a 30 minute workday stoppage.

For our branch to argue for and call a stoppage on the 20th September and for our branch to campaign for the maximum possible show of solidarity with school students 20th. It would be great if other trade union activists across London began similar campaigns to deal with the causes of #ClimateChange

London meeting 20 June: How can the trade unions build a general strike for climate?

How can the trade unions build a general strike for climate?

  • 6.30pm Thursday 20 June in room S312, Paul Webley wing, SOAS Senate House building WC1E 7HX.
  • Facebook event here

The school student strikes have been inspiring and have shifted the debate on climate change. Now students are calling for adults to join them.

A call has gone out for the a general strike for the climate in September. It is crucial that trade unions respond to this call, and that we put working class people at the centre of the movement for climate justice.

This meeting is hosted by the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group and has been called to discuss how unions can mobilise for the general strike for climate in September and for action on climate change. We will be hearing from school strike activists and activists from across the trade union movement. All welcome.

Hosted by the Campaign Against Climate Change trade union group

Reel News invitation to online flim premiere: “American Climate Rebels” starts on April 14




Click here to watch official trailer

In 2018, Reel News went on a 14 week tour of North America to look at grassroots struggles around climate change, particularly struggles around a “just transition” from fossil fuels to renewable energy, where workers and communities control the process so that they benefit from the transition, and around “just recovery” – recovery from extreme weather events which do not exascerbate current inequalities.

What we found were inspiring and visionary struggles all over the continent, led by working class communities of colour, with people organising just transitions and just recoveries themselves. Now, we’ll be presenting what we found in the form of a weekly online 11 episode series starting on Sunday April 14th – 7pm UK time, 3pm New York City time, Midday California time.

Episode 1 is about Alberta, Canada, where the long oil sands boom  has come to an end. Falling oil prices are leading to thousands of job losses – which has started a serious conversation in the labour movement about transitioning away from oil to renewables. The need is becoming more urgent as the big oil sands companies look to maximise profits and slash even more jobs through automation. This film looks at a number of initiatives, the history of oppression of First Nations people to get the resources in the first place, and a rare chance to hear from oil sands workers themselves, including women and First Nations workers.

With the current growing uprising over climate change giving renewed hope, we’re hoping that this will not only inspire you further – but will also help a little in putting the idea of just transition at the forefront of the movement.

Respond to the waste plan

Please add your name, below, in support of our response to the draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP). We’re calling for Pinkham Way to be removed.

This submission is the culmination of 8 years of work and your activism.

It documents in detail the disgraceful disregard that’s been shown for evidence and planning process, and for us as residents.

The councils and waste authority ignore our evidenced arguments, but soon we’ll have the attention of an independent Planning Inspector.

Make sure all you’ve done so far is followed through with maximum impact. Add your name, and, if you haven’t already, please help us pay for professional consultants.

Please sign by midnight on Wednesday 10 April. Every adult (18+) in your household can sign individually.

Your name will count as your submission to the NLWP; please do not make any additional individual submission. You can read an overview of our submission to the NLWP.


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