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FREE TUC union reps training In North East London

Trade Union Education courses for reps, shop stewards and safety reps pro-vided by the TUC are acknowledged to be high quality training. TUC certificates are accredited by the National Open College  Network and are free to reps from affiliated unions. All courses are from 9:30am until 4:30pm and run for 10 weeks (with a break for half term)

Venue: College of Haringey Enfield and North East London, London N15
How to apply: Online at

Download leaflet here: TU Ed course flyer template 2018

Labour’s Triumphant #neweconomics

Yesterday, the Labour Party held a conference that put some serious theoretical grounding for the ideas that drove the enthusiasm for the party’s manifesto of last year. It started with production of a report commissioned by John McDonnell into “Alternative Models of Ownership”, which uses studies from round the world (including here in Britain) into how genuinely innovative alternatives to both the private sector and the old model of centralised nationalisation can make our society better. The link is here.

The scope of the event was very broad, and included:

  • Combining and democratising different forms of ownership, including municipalisation and co-operatism.
  • Looking at how privatised services are, right now, being in-sourced throughout the world in an almost “silent revolution” in services that is happening on all continents and across the Global North/South divide.
  • How modern technology affects work, removing some jobs but actually creating others, and how the role of organised labour is essential to directing automation and AI in a progressive and ethical way.
  • How the knowledge and data-based economy has become severely monopolistic and how democratic structures, like radical municipal authorities in Barcelona (or even our very own Transport for London) can resist this and form a data commons and digital sovereignty that works for people not a tiny number of massive multinational businesses.
  • How participatory authorities, many of which have formed as a result of an unlikely alliance between grassroots campaigners and tech experts frustrated by the problems with neoliberalism, have been assembled and work in practice.
  • Putting forward our positive vision of how technology and industry could be like. The legacy of Mike Cooley and the Lucas aerospace workers was a really important touchstone for this.

The conference opened with big names, culminating in a closing speech by Jeremy Corbyn, but the contributions and questions from the floor were also really good and Jeremy actually referenced this in his summing up. But the most exciting thing about it was something raised by veteran campaigner Hilary Wainwright, who said that for the first time, we have a socialist vision that is built not around putting all our faith into massive scale nationalisation run by the state, but by the participation of ordinary working people, and that the closest we’d ever really got to this before was not 1945 (which, in any case, we all know cannot go back to) but to the brief experiment in which Tony Benn tried to collaborate with the Lucas workers back in 1977. Our socialism will not be top-down: it will be decentralised democratic public ownership.

Day of Public Campaigning for ❤UNIONS 2018

Join Barnet Trades Union Council this Saturday, February the 17th at 11am outside the Post Office 751 High Rd, London N12 8LF North Finchley for two absolutely great campaigns for this years’ event. Facebook event here.

One is a with our comrades from the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) – North Finchley post office is is under threat and we need the word out to the public to save it.

The second is a a historic struggle we’ve been supporting since day one: trade union rights for McDonald’s workers. McDonald’s European HQ is in Finchley and we can to take this fight straight to the business.

❤UNIONS 2018 is back! 12-18 February

Get ready for ♥UNIONS 2018

HeartUnions is back! We want as many of you to get involved as possible and celebrate the good work unions do in workplaces across the country. 

HeartUnions will be taking place from 12 to 18 February. This year we’re showcasing the good that unions do in campaigning for fairness and justice at work. Two campaigns we’ll be highlighting in particular are:

Young workers at McDonalds are standing up to insecure work and low pay, and pushing for respect and a voice at work through their union. Sign and share the petition to show your support to the growing voice of McDonald’s workers as they stand up for dignity in work.



Fair Pay For Public Servants
Public service unions have been winning the argument on a fair pay settlement, after eight years of real terms pay cuts. Now we need to keep up the pressure for real action and genuine new funding.

HeartUnions materials

We have a collection of HeartUnions resouces for you to download and use throughout the week. We also have pens, mugs, t-shirts and badges you can purchase from our online shop. Get your HeartUnions material.

If you want to order in bulk you can order from our online shop or speak to your union officer. If you need HeartUnions material in Welsh, please contact

Keep an eye out for our emails, We’ll be sending more information on resources, activities and actions so you’re fully prepared for HeartUnions week.

heartunions –

TUC summer term courses – at the College of Haringey Enfield and North East London (Conel)

We are now advertising for the TUC 10-day union reps and health and safety reps courses for the forthcoming summer term.

We would gladly welcome if this email could be forwarded to other union reps who may also be interested in attending.

TUC 10 day courses at Tottenham Centre (n15 4RU)

·         Union Reps Stage 1  –  10 Tuesdays from 1st May 2018

·         Next Steps – 10 Tuesdays from 1st May 2018

·         Health & Safety Stage 1 – 10 Wednesdays from 2nd May 2018

·         Certificate in Employment Law – 10 Thursdays from 3rd May 2018

(Half Term – w/c 28th May 2018)

We are currently offering two diploma

Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety – Classroom based – 18th April 2018 – 3rd April 2019 – at level 2 (these dates include summer break and other holidays check with us for further details). This course is still free.


Diploma in employment law  – blended learning one evening per week starting 19th April 2018. This course is at level 3. There is a course fee for this course amounting to £2088. In addition, the date may be subject to change.

Be-spoke courses

As you may also be aware we do run be-spoke courses for unions and union branches this could include dealing with redundancies, tackling discrimination at work, sickness absence policies, understanding pensions. We can also arrange for courses to be run at a venue to suit. Do get in touch if you or your union committee wish to run a specialist course.

You can either email trade union education or call us on 02084423075.

Diploma in OCC H&S 2018-1

Diploma in Employment1-1


Blacklist Support Group statement on Carillion

Carillon admitted in the High Court that they blacklisted workers who complained about safety on their building sites, while at the same time milking public sector contracts for millions. Workers on projects run by Carillon need to be paid and are entitled to their pensions but no more public money should be given to the bosses of the disgraced company. In any civilized society, these people would be facing criminal charges.

When you invite blacklisting human rights abusers to run the NHS and school meals, don’t be surprised when vampire capitalism attempts to suck the taxpayer dry. The government should bail out the NHS not Carillon or their bankers. The government should nationalise Carillon now at the current market value of their shares (nothing) and go further by banning all of the construction companies involved in the blacklisting human rights conspiracy from any publicly funded contracts.


Friday December 1ST 2017 18.00
East Ham Working Men’s Club, 2 Boleyn Road, London E6 1QE
Nearest tube – Upton Park, Buses 5, 58, 115, 147

SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Len McCluskey Unite General Secretary, Ann Field, Ken Loach, Brian Holmes, plus special guests

In the blazing hot July of 1972, 5 London dockers were jailed in Pentonville prison. They had picketed in defiance of Tory anti-union laws. This led to a wave of unofficial industrial action and protest involving hundreds of thousands of workers sweeping the country forcing the release of the 5 within a week.

It was a massive working class victory – part of a wave of actions during the early 1970s including factory occupations, work-ins like Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, Briant printers and Fakenham women. A long battle against anti-union laws was underway. There were epic miners strikes in 72 & 74.  In Ireland 1972 saw Bloody Sunday in Derry.

This event celebrates the great Pentonville victory but also looks at the lessons for our battle today against anti-union laws and rampant capitalism. Pentonville stands in the list of historic victories from Tolpuddle onwards.

Join us for this historic celebration and find out about our history and our future.

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