We are meeting at the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, Britannia Road Fincley, 7pm as usual.

07:00 PM 1 Attendance and apologies
07:05 PM 2 Review minutes of 2018 AGM
07:10 PM 3 Matters Arising from the Minutes
07:15 PM 4 Barnet Stand Up to Racism Launch
07:30 PM 5 Launch of Barnet Stand Up to Racism
07:45 PM 6 20th of September Climate Strike
07:55 PM 7 Proposal for End of Year Music Night
08:10 PM 8 Industrial reports
08:30 PM 9 Meeting Ends

MCSTRIKERS’ request for help

Dear friends,

Since 2017 McDonald’s workers have been organising and striking for better conditions. They are winning and have already won record pay rises and guaranteed hours. 

If McDonald’s was a country it would be the 68th biggest economy in the world, bigger than countries such as Bulgaria, Myanmar and Uruguay.  McDonald’s has enormous resources at its disposal to stop workers winning their union and a living wage of £15 an hour. Despite McDonald’s efforts, workers are getting organised, but financial instability and chaotic lives caused by low pay and insecure work make meetings of workers hard to bring together. 

Workers need your help!

The BFAWU are looking for volunteer drivers to help bring workers together so they can meet and build their strength.

  • Can you help?
  • Do you have access to a car, and some free time?

This is a great opportunity to be involved and support the McStrike. You will meet brave workers standing up and improving work for everyone,

Cost of petrol covered and food and drink provided for all volunteers

Please get in touch here:

Thanks, the McStrike [BFAWU]


THURSDAY JUNE 27 19.00 Green Towers Community Centre , Plevna Road,  Edmonton Green, N9 0BU.

Near ASDA store nearest station EDMONTON GREEN a number of buses stop at Edmonton Green 102, 144, 149, 191, 192,  259, 279, 349, 491. W6, W8

SPEAKERS –  Dave Ward General Secretary CWU and Nesil Caliskan Leader of Enfield Council

The borough of Enfield has been without a working Trades Union Council for some years. It is important that this key area of London, facing a whole range of challenges from austerity policies, has a properly functioning fighting Trade Union Council to build on the successful history of previous Councils. A serious core of union activists have been working to do this in 2019.

As the London-wide body for Trades Councils GLATUC is calling together those who can help build ENFIELD TUC.

This meeting will set-up an interim officers group to organise the Trades Council and work towards a formal General Meeting of ENFIELD TUC in the new Year. Trade Union Branches are requested to consider affiliating and electing delegates.

London meeting 20 June: How can the trade unions build a general strike for climate?

How can the trade unions build a general strike for climate?

  • 6.30pm Thursday 20 June in room S312, Paul Webley wing, SOAS Senate House building WC1E 7HX.
  • Facebook event here

The school student strikes have been inspiring and have shifted the debate on climate change. Now students are calling for adults to join them.

A call has gone out for the a general strike for the climate in September. It is crucial that trade unions respond to this call, and that we put working class people at the centre of the movement for climate justice.

This meeting is hosted by the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group and has been called to discuss how unions can mobilise for the general strike for climate in September and for action on climate change. We will be hearing from school strike activists and activists from across the trade union movement. All welcome.

Hosted by the Campaign Against Climate Change trade union group

Wapping – the Workers’ Story

During the 1986 battle between News International and the print trade unions, the strikers were
sustained by the solidarity of thousands of workers in the UK and abroad. In this country, 50 Print
Workers’ Support Groups were set up, some of them directly linked to local Trades Councils
which played a key role, organising public meetings, raising money to sustain the strikers and
picketing sites connected with News International.

We are now appealing to Trades Councils and others for donations towards the completion
of: ‘Wapping – the workers’ story’ a film about the momentous year-long industrial dispute which
began when Rupert Murdoch plotted to move production of his papers overnight from central
London’s Fleet Street to a secretly equipped and heavily guarded plant at Wapping, a docklands
district in east London.

5,500 men and women lost their jobs and centuries of tradition in one of London’s last manufacturing
industries came to an end.

Military-style police tactics, the use of new laws which shackled the unions’ hard won freedoms and
strike-breaking organised by the electricians union led to a Murdoch victory.

The dispute had international ramifications for Murdoch’s expanding press and broadcasting empire in
the United States and around the world.

It took place as the Thatcher government broke with the post-war consensus and embraced
monetarism – deregulating finance, privatising key industries and undermining local democracy.

Ken Loach has written this about the film: ‘We need to know the story of the print workers’ battle against Murdoch. We can understand our enemies and see our strengths. Chris Reeves is a fine film maker and a true friend of the workers movement. I know this film will be good and necessary. Please help get it made.’

Ann Field (retired Unite print sector national officer and a founder member of the News International Dispute‎ Archive) said: ‘From the 1980s conspiracy to get rid of an entire workforce of 5,500 workers to the notorious phone hacking and corruption scandals 30 years later – this film exposes the deep-seated and enduring immorality at the heart of the Murdoch-led News International empire.  Please help to finance the completion of this film to ensure a wider audience learns of the impact on the workers, their unions and the media.’

Tony Burke (Unite Assistant General Secretary ) said: ‘During the dispute between the print unions and Rupert Murdoch’s News International in 1986 the media provided only fragments of the ‎real issues at stake and virtually nothing of the effects on the sacked workers, their families and our unions. Only a small number newspapers supported our members. 

Unite are proud to be associated with this film to tell the real story of the workers’ struggle with Murdoch, the police, the Tory Government and the right wing media.
Your donation and support will help to ensure the film is completed and the voices of working people and those directly involved is available to set the record straight.’

The documentary is being made with the News International Dispute Archive group whose  publications, website and travelling exhibition have given a voice to the sacked workers and their families.

We have filmed 20 interviews with sacked printworkers and the ‘refusenik’ journalists who joined them, and have made a rough cut of the film. But we need £ 20,500 (£4,000 for editing, £2,500 for on-line editing, and £14,000 for archive material transfers and copyright clearance).

We would appreciate any support you can provide. All donors will receive a DVD and be credited in the final film.

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