Safe passage now… Stop the scapegoating, END THE ‘HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT’

A sombre, defiant and determined mood was the tone of a number of vigils across the country, including one in London on Thursday outside the Home Office, after the heart wrenching news of the deaths of 39 people who lost their lives in the back of a lorry tragically, in the hope of finding a better life.

The Stand Up To Racism vigils, in London called jointly with Safe Passage and Care4Calais, were demanding #SafePassageNow and saying #RefugeesWelcome #MigrantsWelcome and brought together hundreds resolving to also fight to #EndTheHostileEnvironment

Now more than ever we need to build the anti racist as broadly and widely as we can, so that a challenge to the ideas of division, hate and scapegoating is being raised in every community, in every workplace and in every college.

Join and share the UN Anti Racism Day demonstrations on 21 March 2020, taking place globally to send a clear message against the rise of racism, fascism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism via the Facebook event page for the #M21 #WorldAgainstRacism demonstrations here

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And every day you can help build the anti racist movement by retweeting @AntiRacismDaysharing posts from our Facebook page promoting events and initiatives, and of course by inviting friends on social media to get involved. 

Vigil tomorrow: After 39 Tragic Deaths, Safe Passage Now

Today our thoughts and solidarity go to the 39 victims, found dead in a lorry in Essex and their families.

The 39 are the latest victims of Fortress Europe and this government’s “hostile environment” for refugees and migrants that sees people forced to turn to traffickers to escape poverty and war.

Thousands have died attempting to reach Europe, and thousands remain stranded while being denied their right to seek asylum in Britain.

Tomorrow we are holding a vigil with refugee groups Care4Calais and Safe Passage to commemorate the victims, demand safe passage for those fleeing poverty and war, and that the racist hostile environment must end.

Join us to send solidarity to the loved ones of those who died and demand immediate change to ensure such a tragedy does not happen again.


Thursday 24th October 6pm
Home Office, 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF
Click here to view the facebook event

Tomorrow (17th October) – Protest/Letter Hand-In: Defend The Right To Protest – Defend XR

We are handing in a letter to Scotland Yard protesting the draconian police ban on all XR protests across London. Join us outside Scotland Yard to defend the right to protest at 17:30 tomorrow.

The text of the letter is below:

“The Metropolitan Police use of a Section 14 order to ban Extinction Rebellion’s protests across London is arbitrary and unprecedented and represents a serious attack on the right to protest. This right is a basic civil liberty which must be respected at all times. As people who have organised and participated in a wide range of protests and demonstrations we call on the Metropolitan police to withdraw the ban immediately, and to respect the long held right to peaceful protest.”

Supported by: Stop the War Coalition, CND, Stop Trump, Stand Up To Racism, People’s Assembly, Stand Up To Trump, Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, Muslim Association of Britain

Join the Facebook event here.


It is hard to believe: on top of an electoral system that is warped and discredited, over nine million people missing from the electoral roll, and elections open to the influence of unscrupulous donors and misinformation…the government is choosing to make it harder for us to vote.

Make no mistake: the government’s voter ID plans – announced yesterday – are a clear threat to our democracy.

Despite only eight allegations of “personation” fraud (the crime of pretending to be someone else at the ballot box) in 2018 across the whole of the UK, the government is putting up new barriers to millions of legitimate voters. This is a gross electoral injustice in the making.

It will cost up to £20m per General Election – but the democratic cost will be much higher.

This ‘show your papers’ policy must be stopped. Will you sign our petition to say no to US-style voter suppression laws in the UK – and yes to real democratic reform?

Sign our petition

Our campaign against mandatory ID has dominated headlines this week. The pressure is mounting. 

Let’s stand up for universal suffrage together. Sign our petition today.

16 November- Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance- Trade Union Conference

10.30am – 17.30pm

University of Greenwich, Stephen Lawrence Building, Old Naval College, 30 Park Row, London SE10 9LS

Undercover policing & trade unions: the Political and the Personal

Including sessions on:
Impact of undercover policing on the trade union movement
Women against the State
Privacy & Surveillance in the Workplace
Truth and Fiction: Representations of Spycops on Screen
Undercover policing – inquiry or cover up?

Education unions condemn arrest of Sudanese teachers’ leader

The arrest and disappearance of Yassin Hassan Abdelkarim, president of the Sudanese Teachers’ Committee on 28 June has drawn strong condemnation from the University and College Union (UCU) and International Solidarity Officers in the NEU teachers’ union. Paul Cottrell, acting General Secretary of UCU wrote to the Sudanese ambassador calling for Yassin’s immediate release after hearing that armed men stormed his house in the early hours of 28 June and took him away to an unknown location.

Sudanese activists are extremely concerned that he could face torture or death in detention at the hands of the brutal militias affiliated with the Transitional Military Council who have already killed over 100 protesters during attacks on peaceful sit-ins after 3 June. The Teachers Committee is an independent union which has played a key role organising teachers’ strikes in recent years.

UCU calls for immediate release of Yassin Hassan Abdelkarim, president of the Sudanese Teachers’ Committee #StandWithSudan

— UCU (@ucu) July 2, 2019

International Solidarity Officers in NEU adopted a resolution on 1 July also calling for Yassin’s release alongside other political prisoners. Huge protests gripped on Sudan on Sunday, following a call by the Sudanese Professionals Association and the opposition Forces of Freedom and Change for further peaceful demonstrations and civil disobedience to demand the transfer of power to a civilian government from the ruling Military Council.

Statement by International Solidarity Officers, NEU

We, National Education Union International Solidarity Officers, condemn the arrest of our brother and colleague Yassin Hassan Abdulkarim President of the Teachers’ Committee in Sudan.

We support the struggle for democratic rights and civilian government in Sudan. We support the demonstrations called by the Sudanese Professional Association and note protestors have exercised non-violent civil disobedience in pursuit of their aims.

We condemn any use of force, including that used on June 3rd in Khartoum, against these peaceful protests.

In addition, the arbitrary arrest of civilians exercising their right to organise cannot be tolerated. We call on our government, trade unions and human rights organisations to demand the immediate release of Yassin Hassan Abdulkarim.

Original post.

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia declared unlawful

Last week, our friends at Campaign Against Arms Trade won a historic court case against the UK Government over arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The Court ruled that the Government’s approval of arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen was unlawful, and that it must halt exports until it reviews the permissions in light of evidence of Saudi violations of international law. The ruling is unprecedented, and really speaks to the collaborative work of grassroots campaigners, lawyers, academic experts, and many others who pitched in to make the case so strong.

But this is just one case. The UK still approves arms exports to dozens of other human rights abusing regimes that use military force to repress protests, to gain territory, and to commit dreadful and illegal violence against civilians. And it will undoubtedly try to resume its exports to Saudi Arabia at the earliest date possible. That’s why we need grassroots pressure now to make this court victory stick, for the people of Yemen and millions of others around the world who are still at risk of being attacked using British made bombs and other weapons.

The UK sells weapons and military technology to States that commit sustained and grave human rights abuses, including Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Honduras, the Philippines, and dozens of other regimes.

The UK must stop arming repression. Will you email your MP, and ask them to pressure the government to end its trade in arms with human rights abusing regimes?

Activists plan day of action for Louisa Hanoune and political prisoners in Algeria on 20 June

Trade unionists and activists are mobilising for an international day of action on 20 June in solidarity with Louisa Hanoune, General Secretary of the radical left Workers’ Party who was detained by a military court in Algeria on 9 May. Louisa is one of increasing numbers of activists to face detention and jail in recent weeks, as the Algerian regime has attempted to use repression against organisers and supporters of the mass popular protests and strikes which have gripped the country since February this year.

In a statement the organisers of the Free Louisa Hanoune campaign said:

Louisa Hanoune has been known in the world and for years for her stance and her uncompromising fight in defence of democracy, freedoms, women’s rights and always on the side of the people and the oppressed”

Louisa is well-known for her campaigns against the Family Code, which discriminates against Algerian women, treating them essentially as minors, and for equal recognition of the Berber language alongside Arabic. In the leadership of the Workers Party, she has been active for many years supporting striking workers and fighting for social justice.

A statement in solidarity with Louisa has been launched by the international campaign and is gathering support among trade union activists in the UK, with endorsements from leading activists in UCU, the bakers’ union BFAWU, NEU, Unite and PCS.

What you can do:

  • Join the protest at the Algerian embassy in London on 20 June – check the campaign Facebook page for details
  • Sign the statement in solidarity with Louisa here and download a list of some of the initial signatories here Louise Hanoune PDF
  • Use the hashtag #freelouisahanoune on social and media and follow the campaign here
  • Download Louisa’s biography here Louisa Hanoune short biography
  • Pass a resolution in your trade union branch calling for the release of Louisa and all other political prisoners in Algeria

SOAS UNISON – Deportations 10th Anniversary Commemoration Events

Wednesday 12 June 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the arrest and subsequent deportation SOAS cleaners (and UNISON members).

The cleaners, working at the time for the outsourced company ISS, were called in for an early morning staff meeting in the G2 Lecture Theatre (now the DLT).

The meeting was actually a cover for a UK Border Agency raid. 

9 SOAS cleaners were handcuffed in the lecture theatre and subsequently deported by UKBA.

The deportation of the SOAS 9 by the UK state was done at the behest of the private company with the full knowledge and complicity of the SOAS Management.

The real reason these workers were targeted like this was that they stood up and had begun to organise to improve their working lives.

Please join us in attending the annual commemoration events below on what will be the 10th anniversary of this crime and please take a few minutes to watch the attached trailer for the ‘Limpiadores’ documentary (the full film will be shown as part of the commemorative events organised by the SOAS Justice for Workers campaign)

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