No to racist scapegoating in Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 Pandemic, combined with the failure of the British Government to properly protect its population, and a major economic crash has created situation where the most abhorrent forms of racism are set to thrive.

• We stand together against the racist scapegoating of all communities in this crisis. We condemn the use of the phrase “Chinese virus” by Donald Trump and others, attacks on migrants from the far-right and violent attacks on Chinese and East Asian communities.

• Saving lives must be the priority. Anti-Chinese racism is costing lives. Instead of racism towards China we must learn from China’s experiences in fighting Covid-19. We support the urgent demands for efforts to halt the spread of the virus to be further stepped up.

NHS Workers and all key workers, including transport, shop, postal, food distribution, police, teachers and carers must be given proper protective equipment (PPE), and testing to allow them to carry out their crucial work without placing themselves and others at risk.

• Testing must be reintroduced for all displaying symptoms and all those entering the country, with quarantine measures focused on ensuring the health of those affected as well as preventing further contagion.

• We call for an immediate amnesty for all unregistered and undocumented people. Qualified doctors and nurses that are not British citizens must be enabled to join the effort to save lives. Denial of NHS care on citizenship grounds must stop, and exorbitant health surcharges abolished.

• Britain and all countries must honour their commitments under UN conventions for refugees and accept those fleeing war and persecution, with all necessary measures to protect their health and provide quarantine where necessary.

• The unsanitary detention of people in removal centres must end, and social distancing measures put in place. Practices such as signing on in overcrowded spaces must end immediately.

• Police powers to prevent gatherings of no more than two people must not disproportionately target African, Asian and Caribbean communities.

• Covid-19 measures must be sensitive to people’s faith and beliefs. No forced cremations for Muslim and Jewish communities.

• More measures must be introduced to allow the population to follow health guidelines without forcing them into destitution. Measures such as proposed by The Peoples’ Assembly Against Austerity, trade unions, opposition spokespeople and others must be introduced including guaranteed and higher rate of sick pay, the same income rights for the employed and self employed, stopping evictions, the same payment break rights for tenants and home owners and the provision of grants.

• We call for all progressive organisations, faith/community groups and trade unions to join together in a coordinated effort to oppose racist scapegoating, demand action to save lives, and campaign for those at risk of destitution during the ongoing crisis.
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March Against Racism, Sat 21 March

Updated materials,  local rallies, and transport… 

UN Anti Racism Day demonstrations Sat 21 March, in London (with Cymru bloc) & Glasgow 

LONDON – Flyer here & poster here

This week millions have been shocked by the horrific treatment of refugees at the Greek border, where people fleeing for their lives have faced attacks by police, the army and the far right. The vicious attacks on refugees, with footage of shots being fired at dingies with desperate people fighting for their lives, including children, come in the wake of a revolt against the building of huge prison camps for refugees in Lesvos and Chios. 

The severity of the refugee crisis, and the racist response, underlines sharply the need for international anti racist solidarity and resistance.

We are now less than three weeks away from the major demonstrations on Saturday 21 March, part of the #WorldAgainstRacism international coordination that will see demonstrations in London & Glasgow, and all across the world for UN Anti Racism Day. 


Barnet TUC and Stand Up to Racism have been shocked and saddened by the attack on the Rabbi last Friday in Stamford Hill. We are particularly appalled by the fact it was racially motivated. We absolutely stand by the rights of any individual to be able to go about their business without fear of assault for what clothes they wear or skin colour they have or what gender they are perceived to be. The attack on this Rabbi is therefore an attack on all of us.

No Pasaran!


With hate crime and far-right terrorism continuing to rise, the stakes of keeping racism out of forthcoming General Election are incredibly high.

Prime minister Boris Johnson’s outrageous “bank robbers” and “letterbox” comments about women who choose to wear the niqab were followed by a 375 per cent increase in Islamophobic attacks in the following week. Nigel Farage’s “breaking point” poster during the EU referendum was reported to the police as a “blatant attempt to incite racial hatred”

As a general election approaches and Johnson competes for votes with Nigel Farage, we can expect this rhetoric to worsen. Meanwhile, the far-right UKIP will be targeting seats in their remaining strongholds by pursuing an even more extreme agenda.

To combat this, we have to mobilise the anti-racist majority and make sure racism can’t be used for electoral gain.

The first urgent step is a massive voter registration drive to make sure anti-racists are registered to vote. And when campaigning officially starts, we’ll be working with groups across the country to encourage candidates to sign up to a pledge to keep racism out of the election, and condemn any candidates or parties trying to use racism to win votes.

We can only do this with your support. Every penny you donate will go towards:

  • Leafleting as many areas as possible in the General Election to encourage people to #VoteAgainstRacism
  • Adverts in local press, to mobilise the anti-racist vote
  • A social media campaign condemning any candidates who try to use racism to win votes
  • Travel expenses for volunteers to campaign across the country

As well as donating, please make sure everyone you know is registered to vote!

You can register to vote at

If you’re not sure if you’re registered, find out at

Horrific Antisemitic murder by Nazi at Halle sinagogue – we must urgently organise against racism

Anti racists must urge the necessity of organising across society to resist the poison of racist division in the wake of the horrifying Antisemitic murders during Yom Kippur of at least two people at a synagogue in Halle, Germany, carried out by a Nazi. Up to 80 people were inside the synagogue at the time of the attack.

The shooter called himself “anon” and said he was a Holocaust denier. He filmed himself before the attack in a sickening 35 minute livestream spouting disgusting ‘replacement theory’ arguments and Antisemitic, anti migrant, misogynistic, fascist ideas. At least two people have been killed, outside the synagogue, and at a nearby kebab shop. 

Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism co convenor said

“The world will be stunned and horrified at the news of this despicable murderous Antisemitic attack at Yom Kippur. It takes place as part of a wider picture of far right and fascist violent attacks and massacres on the rise – from the attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh to the massacre at mosques in Christchurch, to the shooting on a black congregation in Charleston. The far right is on the rise across Europe, the US, Brazil and elsewhere. Disgustingly, we see mainstream politicians whipping up racist division and creating a ‘hostile environment’ that scapegoats and demonises migrants and refugees–from Trump, to Johnson. In doing so, they are creating space for open Nazis, they are giving cover to spread vile racist division. We know, not least from the history of the horror of the Holocaust, that the scapegoating of a particular community only opens the door to other forms of racism to be aired openly in society. 

“When we look at the powerful poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller – ‘First they came’ – the urgent lesson is that we must stand in unity and oppose every instance of racism, of Antisemitism, of Islamophobia… and that we must actively organise against and oppose all forms of racism to stamp out the space for fascists and the far right to gain confidence to carry out such unthinkable acts. This is what ‘Never Again’ must mean.

“We stand in full solidarity with those affected, with the Jewish community as a whole, and with all targets of racist attacks. And we condemn the atmosphere of racism that has been engineered by politicians across Europe, Britain, the US and over the world. They have played with fire. We must stand up now against racism, against fascism, and in unity.”

“On 19 October, we are holding an urgent and necessary international conference against racism, fascism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism, as part of a process of building an international network of opposition to the racist division that has led to the kinds of heartbreaking horrors we have witnessed again today. We say Never Again. We say this is something we must all act on.”

International conference – Challenging Johnson, Trump & the racist right, Sat 19 Oct


Stand Up To Racism’s international conference against   racism, fascism,
Islamophobia and Antisemitism



Saturday 19 October,
9.30am – 4.30pm 



There’s less than two weeks to go until the Stand Up To Racism conference in London. There’s an amazing line up including shadow home Secretary Diane Abbott, journalist Gary Younge, musician and activist Lowkey, Richard Burgon MP, justice campaigners Janet Alder & Kadisha Brown-Burrell, Finsbury Park Mosque chair Mohammed Kozbar, NEU general secretary Kevin Courtney, Muslim Council of Britain Talha Ahmad, Emma Dent Coad MP, London Assembly member Unmesh Desai London AM and PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka.     There are speakers from the US and across Europe and from Extinction Rebellion and the school climate strikes.   Already hundreds of activists and campaigners have registered. To assure your place register on Eventbrite here

Statement signed by Diane Abbott and others launches major campaign to defend EU migrants

Stand Up To Racism has launched a statement for a major campaign to defend EU migrants rights in the wake of a racist attack by Boris Johnson’s cabinet, signed by Diane Abbott, Alf Dubs, several trade union leaders, MPs, MEPs, local politicians, faith group leaders and anti racist activists
See the Guardian letter HERE
Sign the statement online HERE
Download the statement as a petition HERE
to use in workplaces, colleges and communities

This week we’ve witnessed a spectacular pace of events unfold, with Boris Johnson proroguing parliament, losing a vote against him over his plans for a Tory No Deal Brexit, and expelling 21 Tory MPs for defying the whip and voting with the opposition.

For all who are horrified to see this hard racist in Number 10—who is following in the footsteps of Trump and deliberately launching a vicious intensification of the ‘hostile environment’ and racism—it has been uplifting to see tens of thousands taking to the streets to get him out of office and to oppose the Tories. Stand Up To Racism has joined demonstrations, such as the People’s Assembly protests at parliament and around the country, outside Downing Street as Johnson made his announcement last Wednesday, and at the Home Office last night to challenge his shocking attack on over three million EU migrants living in Britain.

We say, whether you voted Leave or Remain, it is urgent that we unite to oppose all racist division, Islamophobia and Antisemitism, challenge the ‘hostile environment for migrants and refugees, and build a mass campaign to defend EU migrants whose rights are under attack by Johnson’s Tory cabinet. 

It is clear that Boris Johnson is using his office as prime minister to go on the offensive in intensifying the ‘hostile environment’ and is also pushing a level of racism from the heart of the establishment that aims to turn the clock back, normalising racist rhetoric.

That’s why Stand Up To Racism has launched this statement, signed by Diane Abbott, Alf Dubs, several union general secretaries, MPs and MEPs, faith groups and anti racist campaigners, to defend EU migrants’ rights. 

In every local area, in union branches, colleges and communities, Stand Up To Racism groups and activists should use the petition version of the statement, and the online version, to garner widespread support for its demands.

Stand Up To Racism is also calling a national day of action to defend EU migrants on Wednesday 2 October. We encourage local groups, affiliated unions and supporters to take round the statement in their workplaces, colleges and communities, take selfies showing support, and protests in town centres on the day as well as take part in social media promoting the day of action. We want everyone to use the statement and upload the signatures from their campaigning via the online petition too.

Stand Up To Racism is encouraging it’s local groups to call public meetings in localities over the campaign to defend EU migrants. See template for artwork for public meetings HERE

On 29 September (if the Tory party conference is still going ahead that is!), Stand Up To Racism is encouraging everyone to join the People’s Assembly demonstration in Manchester. We will be marching as a bloc to End the hostile environment and defend EU migrants.

The theme of defending EU migrants and more generally challenging the hostile environment will be the focus of the Stand Up To Racism and Love Music Hate Racism gig and fringe at this year’s TUC Congress. The event is on Sunday, 8 September, at The Arch in Brighton. See full details HERE

To discuss any issues around the campaign, or what you are planning locally or in your union branch or college, contact us as the office at 


Sunday 15th September 2.30 to 5pm
Woodhouse College, North Finchley, N12 9EY

Speakers include:
Jacqueline McKenzie on the Windrush scandal.
Sabby Dhalu from Stand Up To Racism .
Rabbi Herschel Gluck OBE
and Show Racism the Red Card (TBC)
Plus a panel of local speakers

There is no doubt that the far right is manipulating current political issues to further an agenda of division and hatred. We are seeing a well documented rise in populism and xenophobic versions of nationalism.

Emboldened by Donald Trump, far right parties have made electoral gains throughout Europe and beyond. There has been a worrying rise in racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and anti migrant hostility both abroad and within the U.K, where there has been a serious attempt by fascist “Tommy Robinson” and other far right figures to build racist street movements.

In London there has been a big rise in racist attacks and abuse. Specifically in Barnet, the number of Racist and Religious Hate Crimes reported in 2018/2019 Q2 has increased for the second consecutive quarter and is up from 667 last year to 711 this year. Given the strong tradition of anti-racism here in Barnet we believe that we need to come together to marginalise the racists and those who would divide us.

We pledge to stand with our diverse community in Barnet against racism, discrimination and injustice.

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