National unity demonstration against fascism and racism

  • Saturday 17 November, Central London
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We are experiencing the biggest rise in support for fascism, the far right, racism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism since the 1930s. In Britain fascists and racists are mobilising on a scale not seen for decades. We must unite against this threat, which is why we are calling a national demonstration against fascism and racism on Saturday 17 November in London.

The demonstration is initiated by Stand Up To Racism, co-sponsored by Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism, and is supported by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell amongst others.  More details will follow.

The recent rise in attacks by the far right has created a real thirst for a mass anti-racist mobilisation in the spirit of the Anti Nazi League. Now is the time to take to the streets.
There is an urgent need to build a movement against racism and fascism. Help us mobilise for 17 November by joining Stand Up to Racism.

Show your solidarity to TUC Bookmarks bookshop after fascist attack

Far right attack TUC Bookmarks bookshop just days after Tommy Robinson release…
Time to build a mass movement against the racist and fascist right
The last few days have proved just how important it is to build a mass movement against racism and fascism in Britain.
The attack on Saturday by far right extremists on the TUC’s bookshop Bookmarks in Central London shows that these people are gaining in confidence in the wake of Tommy Robinson’s release on bail.
Ex leader of the violent and racist English Defence League and former BNP member Robinson has become a rallying point for the whole of racist right, with money flooding in from the US Alt-right to back him.
Across the spectrum Nazi groups, Alt-right figures, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) and UKIP believe they can build a racist movement in Britain just like their friends in the US and Europe have done.
The ‘free Tommy’ campaign was marked by a rising levels of violence as anti-racists and trade unionists have been attacked by his supporters. Stand Up To Racism has launched an important statement opposing the Robinson and the growth of the far right signed by MP’s, trade unionists, campaigners and faith leaders. You can add your name here please share it widely for others to sign.
Now in true Nazi style they’ve turned on a bookshop! The images of book burnings in Germany from the 1930’s show where all this can end up. TUC General secretary Francis O’Grady said; “This is another sinister reminder of the grwoing confidence of the far right”.
Stand Up To Racism needs your help to beat the far right back. Here’s what you can do:
  • Join Saturday’s solidarity event at Bookmarks this Saturday at 2pm, 1 Bloomsbury Street, WC1B 3QE more event details here Rush messages of support to Bookmarks and or message on twitter @Bookmarks_books or to their facbook page here 
  • Make a donation to stand Up To Racism to help us organise the fightback against the racist and fascist right – donate here
  • Join Stand Up To Racism here

Save Barnet Libraries Protest on Monday the 23rd

“We were a group of adults and kids chanting outside the minister’s department, holding up our signs and singing through the megaphone. There were also kids who climbed up onto the stone wall and waved their signs and took turns with the megaphone, chanting.”  — Raphael Marshall-Strang, age 9, describing the protest.

Children from Barnet with their parents and grandparents delivered an invitation to the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) to the new Culture Secretary, Jeremy Wright QC, to come on a tour of Barnet Libraries in September 2018. It was handed over to DCMS representatives Simon Richardson, head of libraries, who has been handling the Save Barnet Libraries’ complaint and his colleague Sheila Bennett, head of libraries strategy and delivery and head of the libraries task force team.

Erini Rodis of SBL, who attended the protest with her two children says:

“The protest went very well and we hope the new Culture Secretary will accept the children’s invitation to be shown around Barnet libraries. I think it would really help him to understand what it’s like when pin codes replace staff and children and many other vulnerable users have very little access to the library. We need the staff back”.

Rob Strang, who helped to draft the SBL complaint and attended the protest with his children says:

“We spoke to officials from the department who work on the libraries team, who assured us that they are taking our complaint seriously and treating it with care. But there is little evidence of those assurances in the actions of their political leaders. It has been 19 months since we made our complaint. The Council is in breach of its obligation to provide a comprehensive library service. The Secretary of State has a statutory duty to enforce that obligation. When will the Ministers observe the law and take up their legal duties?”

Emily Burnham of SBL who attended with two of her children says:

“We have submitted substantial evidence to DCMS and it’s time for an answer! We hope that the new Culture Secretary will realise that access to staffed libraries is a crucial issue. We know that library use has dropped drastically over the past year. Last year’s summer reading challenge failed – there were only 1500 entries compared to 4000 the year before the services were cut. Hugh Vivian, the head teacher of Hollickwood Primary in N10 wrote to DCMS saying that he had to send families to the libraries in nearby Haringey because of the lack of provision in Barnet! Of the 187000 library card holders in the borough, only about 18000 have applied for a pin code to use the unstaffed libraries– that really shows how off-putting the new system is.”

Emmanuel Amevor who attended the protest with his grandson says:
“My grandson was a regular user of our local library on Golders Green Road, before we were locked out. We were very happy to be part of the noise making on this protest. We hope the powers that be will take notice”.

Umeyma Sahal age 16, who has just finished at the Archer Academy, couldn’t attend the protest but is keen to show her support:
“In the house it’s quite noisy so the library would be the perfect place to study. I tried to use it but with the new pin code system I needed to get permission from the school and my parents before I could get in. I had enough to think about with studying for my exams and I ended up using the school classroom to do my GCSE revision instead.”

Children who attended the protest say:
“Before the demonstration all the children signed an invitation to ministers, inviting them to take a tour of Barnet libraries. We took it to the demonstration and gave it to the minister’s office.” Alma Marshall Strang age 11 from East Finchley.

“I hope the Culture Secretary comes down to visit us so we can show him around. I am about to go to secondary school but I still can’t get in to my library most of the time” Jake Moss, 11 years old, East Finchley

“Are we going to come and shout at the government every year? It’s not fair to be locked out of the library just because my mum forgot her card. My friend has a library card but his mum doesn’t go because she works so they can’t go into the library” Gabriel Rodis, age 6 pupil at Martin Primary School.

“I can walk home alone from school but I’m not allowed into the library on my own? Really? That’s so stupid!” Tommy Gubbins age 9 pupil at Martin Primary School.

“I’ve recently got back my GCSE options – now I need to put in hard work. I was hoping I could do it at the library but I’m under age and I can’t get in most of the time. And they’ve got rid of the study space too.” Sahr Kamanda age 14 pupil at The Compton School.

“My brothers and I used to do Kumon at the library every week and take out books too. Now Kumon doesn’t happen there anymore and I go to the library a lot less. It just isn’t the same as it was before. My mum ends up buying me more books but I can’t try them out first like I used to.” Siah Kamanda age 8 pupil at Martin Primary School.

“Libraries help kids to learn about the world and their imagination” Isaiah Akuffo, age 8, pupil at Wessex Gardens Primary School.

“Why is the library always closed? I hope they listen to us” Lottie Pearson age 7 Martin Primary School.

National Demonstration Against Trump

The Together Against Trump national demonstration has now been called for Friday 13th July, the day Trump visits Britain, starting at 2pm at the BBC in Portland Place and marching to Central London.

Given the worldwide outrage at Donald Trump’s aggressive, chauvinistic and belligerent policies, this is a crucial demonstration. We are urging all our supporters to take half a day off work to make sure they come to the demonstration. Please promote the demo as widely as possible. We are asking our groups and supporters across the country to organise transport to the national demonstration.

Oppose Tommy Robinson & the “Democratic” Football Lads Alliance

Stand up to the far right on Sunday 6 May
Facebook event here
On Sunday 6 May ex – English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson and the “Democratic” Football Lads Alliance are set to march through London as part of a far right “Day of Freedom”.
While we’ve seen a shocking example of state institutional racism with the Windrush scandal we’ve also seen growing attempts to use racism and Islamophobia to regroup and rebuild the xenophobic and fascist right.
Tommy Robinson has a long history of links to fascist and Alt-right groups. The DFLA, a split from the FLA, have recently hooked up with UKIP. To complete the circle UKIP leader Gerard Batten was interviewed this week by Tommy Robinson. UKIP and Batten have been working closely with the DFLA in recent weeks.
While we “March for Windrush” on Saturday 5 May we can’t allow racists and fascists to march through multicultural London unopposed the next day, Sunday 6 May.
Join the anti-racist mobilisation called by Satnd Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism details here 

March for Windrush on Saturday 5 May

Create a ‘hostile environment for racism
  • Monday 30 April: Join David Lammy MP & Diane Abbott MP in Parliament Square from 4pm while the Windrush petition is debated. Facebook event here
  • Saturday 5 May: March for Windrush @ Downing Street, 12pm. Facebook event here
The Windrush scandal has highlighted the racism at the heart of the Tories immigration strategy.

The “Hostile environment” created by Theresa May has targeted a generation of people who were invited from Commonwealth countries as UK citizens only to deport them and attack their rights once they have made their contribution to society.
While May and Amber Rudd are talking about mistakes being made and attempting to offer compensation, it’s clear that the Tories were carrying through a systematic program that targeted not just the “Windrush generation” but is designed to hit every migrant community. Rudd also lied about immigration removal targets.
In recent days there has been a wave of anger with Jeremy Corbyn calling for Amber Rudd to go. Stand Up To Racism initiated a major protest in Windrush Square Brixton last Friday (video here) that received national media attention.
We have now initiated protests in many towns and cities (see list here). In London Diane Abbott and David Lammy are set to join the Stand Up to Racism solidarity event in Parliament Square, during the Windrush debate in Parliament on Monday 30 April details here
And on Saturday 5 May Stand Up To Racism has called the “March for Windrush” assembling 12 noon at Downing Street details here 

12 May National Demo – searching for case-studies, and ramping up the mobilisation

The TUC are trying to identify people who are coming to the TUC’s national demonstration in London, 12 May, who have a good story to tell of why they are coming, and are willing to be used in local, or even national media work. The most effective use of these case-studies will be in press work with local papers and BBC county radio.

Examples would include:

  • Public sector workers, such as NHS workers, teachers, fire fighters, local government workers, civil servants, who have suffered under the 1 per cent pay cut year after year.
  • Families whose standard of living has constantly eroded.
  • Private sector workers who have not had a decent pay rise in years.
  • Workers who have suffered redundancy.
  • Workers whose employment is precarious, working in the gig economy, with no secure hours of employment – especially young workers.

So if there is a local trades council’s activist, or activists, that have a good story to tell and is willing to do this, please let me know their name, union, sector in which they work, phone number and email address.

And it is our experience that the local media where you are will be most responsive to local voices such as the trades council, especially if you have local case-studies to illustrate the story. So any volunteers for case-studies will give your trades council ‘traction’ with local media, as well as being useful for social media.

By the way, all you need to know about the arrangements for the national demonstration can be found at:

And if you are organising a coach please let me know, emailing and

Hope to see you, your comrades and your banner if you have one 12 May in London. If you cannot come to London, you can still join in by organising something locally, such as a photo opportunity or a stunt of some kind.

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