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SERTUC Race Relations Committee: A Tribute to Jayaben Desai – Monday 2 October 2017

Date and time of event: Mon 2 Oct 2017 – 18:00 to 20:30Picket-007

This event is hosted by the SERTUC Race Relations Committee in conjunction with GMB.

As one of the sacked women workers employed by Grunwick, a film-processing firm based in north London, Jayaben Desai fought for better pay, conditions and dignity for workers in 1976 and 1977, on behalf of 137 sacked and poorly paid Asian women. At first she and her fellow workers were not in a trade union, but after a visit to the Trades Union Congress, she and her work mates joined Apex, which is now part of the GMB. Their struggle was supported by Brent Trades Council.

This was the beginning of a legendary battle for trade union rights, it was to become a watershed for British trade unionism and Jayaben Desai was to become an inspiration to a generation of trade unionists, and beyond. Famously, she told her factory manager, “What you are running is not a factory, it is a zoo. But in a zoo there are many types of animals. Some are monkeys who dance on your fingertips. Others are lions who can bite your head off. We are those lions, Mr Manager”. Jayaben Desai, union activist was born 2 April 1933 and died 23 December 2010.

This Black History celebration event will feature Jayaben Desai’s struggle and will allow some prominent modern day trade unionists to describe how she helped to shape their views and working lives. Kamaljeet Jandu will explore lessons for unions from that struggle in meeting the ongoing challenge of ‘organising migrant workers’ today. There will be plenty of time allowed for contributions from the audience.

Guest Speakers include:

Betty Joseph, Chair, SERTUC Race Relations Committee and NUT

Megan Dobney, SERTUC Regional Secretary

Tim Roache , General Secretary, GMB

Kamaljeet Jandu,  National Equality Officer, GMB

Taranjit Chana, GMB London Region 

Margaret Greer, National Officer, Race equality, UNISON

Gail Cartmail, Assistant General Secretary, UNITE 

*** Monday 2 October 2017 – Event Programme***

Please support and encourage others to attend this event – THANK YOU.

* * BHM Exhibition (Marble Hall), TUC Congress House – FREE ADMISSION

Start date: Friday 29 September 2017 / closing date: Friday 13 October 2017

Information about the venue:

Congress House is a fully accessible building. 

Contact for further information:

There is no charge for attending this event.


Queries: or 020 7467 1220

Proposed Agenda for Meeting on 13th of July 2017 7pm at Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, Finchley


Meeting of Barnet Alliance for Public Services



Attendance and apologies

07:05 PM


Review minutes of previous meeting



Matters Arising from the Minutes

07:15 PM


Guest Talk from Radical Housing Action

07:45 PM


Election 2017: How do we get a change of government?

08:15 PM


Industrial Reports

08:25 PM


Any Other Business and Delegates Motions

08:30 PM


Meeting Ends

May’s Meeting

We will be meeting this Thursday 11th of May as usual, at 7pm in the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, North Finchley.

Proposed agenda:

7pm – Apologies and attendance

7.15pm – Minutes and matters arising

7.30pm – How can the Trades Council help with the elections?

8pm – Delegate’s Reports

8.15pm – Any other business

The Barnet Alliance for Public Services will have a brief meeting beforehand at 6.30pm.

April Barnet TUC Meeting: Proposed Agenda

We will be meeting at the Greek Cypriot Centre in North Finchley this Thursday the 13th as usual.

Proposed agenda here:

7pm – Attendance and apologies
7.15pm – Minutes and matters arising
7.30pm – Education and the music night 22nd April
7.50pm – A brief word on good and bad news from London Underground
8pm – How the labour movement can unite with the anti-war movement in the wake of the renewed Syria bombings
8.15pm – AOB
To close 8.30pm
The Barnet Alliance for Public Services will be having their own meeting at 6.30pm beforehand.

Proposed Agenda for BTUC Meeting Tomorrow

Agenda for Meeting on 9th of February 2017, 7pm at Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, Finchley

06:30 PM

Meeting of Barnet Alliance for Public Services

07:00 PM


Attendance and apologies

07:05 PM


Review minutes of previous meeting

07:05 PM


Matters Arising from the Minutes

07:15 PM


Planning for the Annual General Meeting and Getting Affiliations

07:30 PM


Campaign for the NHS: Music Night and Demonstration on 4th March

07:45 PM


Anti-racism: Report from Stand Up to Racism and Demonstration on 18th March

08:00 PM


Industrial Reports

08:20 PM


Any Other Business and Delegates Motions

08:30 PM


Meeting Ends

Word copy of agenda:2017_02 Agenda

Minutes of January’s meeting:BTUC Jan 17

Climate Refugees, The Climate Crisis & Population Displacement: Building A Trade Union & Civil Society Response

National Conference

Saturday 11th February 2017


NUT Conference Centre Hamilton House, Mabledon Place Euston, London climate

Over 140 million people have been forced to move in recent years because of climate change disasters – droughts, harvest failures and devastating storms. Our warming planet is driving massive long-term environmental damage and sudden catastrophes. The UN says environmental refugees could reach 300million people by mid-century. This conference from the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group aims to dispel refugee myths, work on a new Protocol for the international protection of those affected by climate change, raise demands for stronger action, and agree a climate refugees campaign statement.
Expert Contributions from:

  • Prof Joanna Haigh (Grantham Institute at Imperial College)
  • Asad Rehman (FoE)
  • Clara Paillard (PCS)
  • Amjad Abdulla (Alliance of Small Island States tbc)
  • Dave Green (FBU)
  • Sharan Burrow (ITUC, tbc)
  • Wilf Sullivan (TUC)
  • Zak Cochrane (Stand Up To Racism), NUT, PSI
  • Zita Holbourne (PCS)
  • Jonathan Neale (Global Climate Jobs)
  • Suzanne Jeffery (Campaign Against Climate Change)
  • and more.

Four Workshops on:

  1. Unions and campaigns for climate jobs.
  2. Raising awareness of climate change impacts at national and global level.
  3. Unions and campaign groups challenging xenophobia and hostility to refugees and migrants.
  4. Joint work to draft a new Protocol for the international protection of those affected by climate change.

More information:

Supporters so far: Campaign Against Climate Change, FBU, TSSA, CWU, PCS, NUT, Stand Up to Racism and other unions and environmental campaigns.

Stand Up to Racism Trade Union conference 4 February 2017


The election of Donald Trump in the US and the growth of anti-migrant and Islamophobic scapegoating in Britain and elsewhere have left millions of people fearful of the growth of racism.

Politicians and the media have ramped up the rhetoric against immigration while Theresa May has put the ending of the free movement of labour at the heart of her Brexit strategy.

Stand Up to Racism is organising a conference for those who believe trade unionists have to fight the attempts to divide working class people. We are stronger together, in the fight against austerity and ruthless employers.

We want to:

  • Defend our EU workmates and make sure their rights are maintained after Brexit.
  • Oppose attempts to blame migrants for falling wages and the slashing of our public services.
  • Arm trade union activists with the arguments they need to defeat racist ideas in the workplaces.
  • Build the biggest possible turn out by trade unionists on the Stand Up To Racism demos in London and Glasgow (backed by the TUC) on 18 March 2017.

Join us 12pm on Saturday 4th February for the Stand Up To Racism Trade Union Conference at (Mander Hall) NUT Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD. Facebook event here

Register for conference here:

SUTR model motion to support conference here:

Organising migrant and other insecure workers after the Brexit vote

tuc_logoDate and time of event:
Tue 6 Dec 2016 – 17:30 to 19:00
Venue and town/city: 
Congress House, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS
Costs: FREE
About this event:

This event will explore the new insecurities migrant and local workers are experiencing after the Brexit vote and consider how trade unions should respond to combat this insecurity and associated exploitation.

The event will feature examples of work by trade unions and allies in NGOs and community groups to organise insecure workers.  It will discuss how this work can be built on to foster solidarity between migrant and local workers and combat anti-migrant sentiments.

This event is part of the TUC’s Rethinking Organising series. It will also showcase new resources the TUC has developed to support organising insecure workers that include the ‘Working in the UK’ guide to employment rights available in 21 languages (


  • Katia Widlak – Organiser, Unison
  • Felicity Lawrence –  Journalist, The Guardian
  • Klara Skrivankova –  Europe Programme and Advocacy Co-ordinator, Antislavery International 
  • Rosa Crawford –  Policy Officer, Trades Union Congress
  • Additional trade union organisers to be confirmed

Registration required, please register here:

Contact for further information:

Further information about the event can be found here:…

People’s Question Time – Brexit: What are our Demands?


7pm, Thursday 19 January, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA.

This has been a year full of surprises; the Political landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Brexit has been hugely divisive and has created a dynamic and unpredictable situation.

Our new (un-elected) Prime Minster and her cabinet clearly have no real plan. One thing is for sure, if the last 6 years are anything to go by, if the Tories are left to handle Brexit negotiations on their own we’ll see a deal that suits the bankers, the bosses and the corporations. What should we be demanding from the government that means Brexit is negotiated in the interests of the people? However you voted in the EU referendum, we need to put pressure on the Tories to ensure they don’t use Brexit as a way of increasing attacks on the majority, continuing austerity, whipping up racist divisions in our community and scapegoating immigrants.

Book here.

Panel includes:
Emily Thornberry MP – Shadow Foreign Secretary, Labour Party
Amelia Womack – Deputy Leader, Green Party
Kevin Courtney – General Secretary, National Union of Teachers
Lindsey German – People’s Assembly
Steve Turner – Assistant General Secretary, UNITE
(more tbc)

Do you have a question for our panel? Submit one when registering for a chance to put it to the event.

Check out the Facebook Event and invite your friends!

Any questions about the event or for the People’s Question Time, please contact:
Google map and directions

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