#JC4PM: General Election Now!


7pm / Tuesday 16 October / Conway Hall

Come along for a night of comedy, poetry, music, discussion and politics with a fantastic lineup of acts and speakers. Following the Labour Conference, it’s clear the grassroots are behind Jeremy Corbyn and are willing to fight back against the onslaught he’s facing. This will be a great night of laughs, politics and a forum for organising.
The event is free but seats are selling out fast, so book on Eventbrite to avoid disappointment!

Keep Space for Peace week

This week, activists from around the world are holding actions and protests to demand an end to plans for a US Space Force during the annual Keep Space for Peace week.

In June, President Trump made a highly controversial announcement: he directed the Pentagon to develop a ‘Space Force’ – a new branch of the US military, ‘separate but equal’ to the US Air Force – to ensure ‘American dominance in space.’

Here in Britain, at Menwith Hill outside of Harrogate in North Yorkshire tonight, a demonstration will take place between 6pm and 7.30pm. All are welcome to join. See Global Network Against Weapons website for more events.

Future Wars Conference: The Impact of New Technologies
10th November • London

The US Space Force will be a major theme of our Future Wars Conference that will explore The Impact of New Technologies, taking place on the 10th November in London.

Speakers include Duncan Campbell investigative journalist Arielle Denis ICAN Campaigner Stuart Parkinson Scientists for Global Responsibility Ted Seay Former NATO arms control advisor Elke Schwartz Lecturer in International Politics at LSE Carol Turner London Region CND Dave Webb CND and Lucas Wirl International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility.

Agenda for Monthly Meeting on 11th of October 2018, 7pm at Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, Finchley

07:00 PM


Attendance and apologies

07:05 PM


Review minutes of previous meeting

07:10 PM


Matters Arising from the Minutes

07:15 PM


Kick out Capita

07:45 PM


Antifacism and antiracism

08:05 PM


Report from trades council conference

08:20 PM


Any Other Business and Delegates Motions

08:30 PM


Meeting Ends

Please submit other business to the secretary before 5pm on the 9th.


  • There are many evictions in Barnet
    happening now.
  • There are more rough sleepers on
    our streets than we used to see.
  • People are driven to desperation by
    the threat of homelessness.

Are these because of the council’s
housing policies? Are they related to debts caused by
the Bedroom tax? Or the roll out of the Universal
Credit? Are landlords using Section 21 to evict their tenants?

What do we know about these evictions and the housing situation in Barnet? Do we feel comfortable about it? How much do we care? Do we want to get organised as a community to do something to support each other and those among us who find themselves in dire housing situation?

Barnet Alliance for Public Services is hosting:
When: 16 October 6.30 pm
Where: The Greek Cypriot Centre, 2 Britannia Rd Finchley N12 9RU
Speakers include:
1. Jasmin Parsons – Our West Hendon, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
2. Glynn Robins – Defend Council Housing
3. Katya Nasim – London Renters Union
4. Pilgrim Tucker – Radical Housing Network
5. Joe Delaney – Grenfell community campaign

#LoveOurColleges – lobby/demo/rally

We are seeking help in promoting the #LoveOurColleges campaign against cuts in FE in England.  This will centre around a week of action, beginning on 15th October.  In addition to a media splash on the Monday and local activity on the Tuesday (more info to follow in due course) the week of action will include a demo, parliamentary lobby and rally in Westminster on:

Wednesday 17th October 2018

 #LoveOurColleges is being organised by a campaign coalition, which in addition to UNISON includes UCU, GMB, NUS, NEU, ASCL and the employers body Association of Colleges.

Three key actions we are looking for help with are as follows:

  1. Ensure FE members across all unions know about the event, encourage them to commit to attending and discuss joint travel arrangements with other unions at their colleges.  UCU in particular are laying on coaches.
  2. Intelligence on how many members are attending and from where etc.  This is a joint campaign with the AoC, college principals are being encouraged to allow staff to take time off from work to take part in the event.
  3. Activists should share info about the lobby etc. on social media.  Here are the twitter and facebook event links https://twitter.com/hashtag/loveourcolleges   https://www.facebook.com/events/2220544781546432

The timetable for the day is as follows:

11.30am – 12.30pm: Coaches arrive in London. Drop-off likely to be Waterloo Place (where march will form up). Provision to be made for those who may wish to go directly to Westminster rather than join the march, (venue TBC, likely Methodist Central Hall) with staff on hand to sign in, provide briefings and any other support.

12.30pm – 1.30pm: Union-led march from Waterloo Place to Parliament Square – all welcome. Others to have lunch, or begin holding meetings with MPs.

1.30pm – 2.30pm: Rally in Parliament Square. All encouraged to join.  (UNISON has a speaker slot at this, though as its the day of the NEC the speaker is still tbc)

2.30pm – 5.30pm: Lobby of parliament.

7th October | Weekend of action – Troops Out Now!

7th October will mark the 17th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan by the US, the UK and several of its allies. According to a conservative estimate, 217,000 Afgans have died as a direct result of the fighting.

Over a thousand more UK soldiers have recently been deployed to the country, although UK military intervention has been leading to more bitterness and more violence.

We are calling for action on the weekend of 7th October to demand the immediate withdrawal of UK troops from Afghanistan. We are asking supporters and local Stop the War groups to organise street petitions, stunts and protests. In London we will be handing in a letter of protest on Friday 5th October at Downing Street. You can download the petition here.

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